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    I’m Woody. Driving a Titanium 2018 Soul Base with a euro stripe in the form of the Buckeyes helmet stripe. Considering adding some sort of accessory light to the fog-lamp “socket” on the BSe - maybe a halo style red led. Otherwise trying to keep it largely facotory on the exterior.
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    Hi Everyone, Need help. I got a new Kia ! 2018 and I'm loving it, but the Puddle lights I had installed by the dealer won't go off when I'm driving. Dealer put in a new switch box, but the light are still on when I drive. Anyone know how to remedy this?
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    Hello! Been driving a 2011 Kia Soul! since November 2010. Love my car but having a few problems and need some help troubleshooting. Thanks!
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    Hi all- My 2015 Kia Soul + has been towed and jumped over 6 times in the span of about 7 months. 8k + mileage. New battery. New headlight switch. Currently I'm dealing with Kia and BBB before arbitration, if necessary. They can't diagnose or duplicate the issue. It's been out of service...
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    Greetings, humanoids! My name is Brandy and I'm 18 years old from the Sunshine state of Florida! I drive a 6 speed 2013 Kia Soul Plus in the color Alien Metallic/Green Tea Latte. Don't think I made those color name up, they're legitness! Lol! Anyways I gave my car the name "Kirby" after well...
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    Glad to see this forum is available. If anyone can help if posted a question. Check it out.
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    Aloha....I love this car....I bought my Silver 2015 Soul brand new in April. But only now i discovered this site. I've added interior LEDs and a pair of DRLs. Im slowly moding my ride. Hoping to get more mods done.
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    New 2015 Kia Soul Base Looking forward to sharing info
  9. New Member Introductions
    Well found the soul i've wanted! 2012 base m/t and the color is dune. What a change from driving a mini cooper! I will miss the convertable but the AC works just fine in the Soul. Been reading this forum for 2 days now and a world of info! Ohh before i forget this beastie only had 21k on the...
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    Greetings from Hudson NY area. :fat: Really enjoying my first Kia. I was a long time Honda/Toyota owner up until now. Got my Soul+ in Soul-er Yellow just a week ago... I just love it- sweeeet car and so smooth to drive.
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    I just brought home my 2012 Moss Soul + on 6/19. Love this car. Best things -- gas mileage, room, value for $$, and did I say room? Loaded a ladderback chair into it tonight and didn't even know it was back there. Could have brought home two. Love the maneuverability of it, and the height of it...
  12. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    So I've got a 2012 Kia soul base model and I haven't had any major issues with her, other than the radio getting replaced because of a defect. She has 22000ish miles on her and yesterday I went to get her a Pa state inspection and emissions test. I went to STS and everything went fine. Passed...
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    Just getting signed up here - having fun with new Soul but can't find spare tire... ;). The salesman told us that they only have a kit now days. Guess that's how they keep the prices down. Still, would feel better with at least a doughnut spar in the "trunk"....
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    My nice new Alien KIA Soul is lookin great with the sun shining down on it! I've had my KIA for a week and I am very impressed so far. I had no idea the standard model would be so equipped! A/C, Cruise, Bluetooth, Ipod USB port, power windows and locks, floor mats and 6 cup holders! LOL...
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    Central Florida, to be exact, and just purchased my baby yesterday. I expect to be frequenting this forum to learn more and share experiences, so thought I'd better say hello. :cool:
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    I just bought my Soul yesterday, he's slightly used but exactly the car I wanted. This is my first car purchase so I definitely made it count! Luckily I got a spare tire and jack rather than the can of fix a flat, I feel like I got a smokin' deal on it too.. Anyways, Hi everyone!
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    I'm a proud owner of a 2012 soul+ shadow with M/T
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Marc: 2010 Vanilla Shake Picked her up on April 22nd, 2010 List of Mods: Dual electric horn hi-low note freeway blaster KIA Canada Hood deflector KIA Canada Rear Bridge Spoiler KIA Engine Cover SSD Strut Brace Stillen Cold Air Intake Prd Custom Spark Plug Wires (Red...