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  1. Hey! New-ish SoulMan here.

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    Bought a (not-so-gently) used Soul about a year ago when my '99 New Beetle finally died on me. I'm happy with the car, but still getting used to what noise means what and how to take care of her (hence why I'm here). Seems like a useful and helpful group so far, happy to be here!
  2. New Soulman from NJ

    New Member Introductions
    Picked up my new Soul a month ago. A 2016 base automatic in grey. loving it so far no complaints. I do about 45 miles each way on my commute to and from work. According to the dash meter I'm getting around 30mpg which is fine by me. When I get a chance I will do the hand calculate for mileage...
  3. New Soulman

    New Member Introductions
    Well here I am, a new Soul man. 2012, base model in dune. Just seemed like a good time to add another car to the fleet. I have a 99 Ford Ranger 4 liter, and it likes gas to well. It has 170K on it. The wife's car is a 03 Kia Spectra, with 180K on it. Keeping the Ranger for any hauling & towing...
  4. New Soulman

    New Member Introductions
    I am Scott, and I just purchased a 2011 Soul + in Denim. Love it so far and would like to hear from others about mods and tuning. Give me a shout out.
  5. Ima Soulman

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    Hi,I live in North Devon UK I ordered my Soul Shaker (MY11) 1.6 CRDI Manual Vanilla Shake begining of October from Gravells in South Wales.I paid £12995 on the road. List price was well over £15K. I am still waiting for a delivery date and I am really looking forward to driving it home (about...
  6. Soulman from Mingo Junction, Ohio

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    Born and bred in Pittsburgh Pa, bleed black and gold. Six rings for the Steelers and maybe another cup for the Pens after last night. Lived in this little steel town for most of my life. Italian Catholic and it's all about my family, we are not rich but what we have is priceless. Love my SOUL.
  7. Soulman's official hello

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    Hey everyone, I've already messaged and chatted with a few of you lately, this is my official greeting to the other members. I live in Central California, and drive an '04 Suzuki Aerio, which I have really enjoyed. I'm looking forward to getting a Soul in the spring....hopefully in Java...