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  1. Kia Konvert

    New Member Introductions
    Name's Chris and my 16 Soul+ has 83 Miles on it :) .. Pictures and more details to follow. I'm happy to have found this forum and I'm looking forward to posting regularly.... OUT!
  2. Picked up my new baby!!!!! Time to cruise!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! 2013 Soul + 6M!

    New Member Introductions
    WOO HOO..:legWOO HOO ...:o ok, Im sure you have all had this feeling at one time or another?? :cool: Finally Picked up my Soulmate today! :D Man Im soooo happy!!!! :) Went over everything before I left, took several hours due to car still being prepped when I got there.. Salesperson took me...
  3. Inserting CD w/ MP3s = Reading Error...??

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    I'd like to play MP3s from a CD. I figured I could just load MP3s onto a CD, pop it in, it would read it as MP3 files and begin to play them. However, when I slip the disc in, it studies it for a few seconds, tells me it's a "Reading Error" and spits it out. I've scoured this forum but...
  4. Will This Build Look Nice?

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Hi Forum! I just Got My Kia Soul+ yesterday and I'm already itching to modify it :). But I need Your Expertise...I'm just wondering if this will all look good when it eventually comes together? Here are some standard pics of my car so you know what I'm working with. My Goal is to replace...
  5. Hello from Daytona, FL

    New Member Introductions
    Well, my wife and i have been looking for a new car. We wanted to look at the Sportages, because i love the Sorento, and it's just too big for her. On a whim, i happend to drive by a Kia dealrship, and as i pulled in, i saw this "thing" and asked, what the hell is that? So after checking it out...