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  1. Sin City

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    A quote from the movie: I only seek the most lighthearted and momentary digression. The briefest indulgence in automotive pleasure.
  2. Hello from Sin City!

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    I just bought my 2012 new Soul, and cannot wait to start doing things to it!
  3. Sin City!

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    Hello fellow Soul owners, I just bought my 2010 Soul Sport - Molten on Friday. Love crusing around in it already. My BF and I are already looking at all the accessories we could add to make it POP as we are driving down the road. :D
  4. Hello from Sin City

    New Member Introductions
    My name is Mark and I'm from Boulder City, NV, the gateway to Hoover Dam and 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Since we bought a Rio in '06, I've become a Kia fan. My next new vehicle will either be a Soul or the Forte coupe. I'm also an AMC fanatic. I'm president of the Southern Nevada...