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  1. New car but I couldn't help myself New Sign.

    Owners Photo Gallery
    I knew when I got my Soul it was time to get young again.
  2. Anyone sign up for SiriusXM Traffic only?

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    Just wondering if anyone has signed up for the SiriusXM Traffic package only for their Nav system and nothing else. What do you pay? Regular price is $3.99/mo or $43.89/yr (one month free). I would love to get Android Auto in the 2014s and 2015s someday so we can use free Google Maps with...
  3. Show off your ride! Sign up for myCARiD today!

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hey guys, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of myCARiD, the ultimate website for car enthusiasts. The site is up and eager to feature your awesome rides. What is myCARiD about? myCARiD is an all-in-one place to store, share, and discuss information about your ride. Add a description of...
  4. Time to sign up for the 24th

    We are only a week away from the cruise to the S.S. Keewatin, and we have 7 to 9 people signed up. We only need a few more adults to get the 40% discount on tour rate, $12.00 cash. Children under 12 are free. Youth (12-16) are $10.00. This will be a fun event to highlight your month of...
  5. AUGUST 12th 2012. SFR TOUR! $350 Sign up List.

    Confirmed Date for Seoulful Racing coming to Toronto. AUGUST 12th 2012. $350 each. First come first serve basis until full list. If way too many than may open a second day on the 11th. This will also be posted on ForteForums, and Kia-forums. I will be basing your place in line on when you...
  6. Decided to sign up... new from Ohio.

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! New Soul owner here. Bought it on 7/21 with 91 miles on her. Dealer had to send someone to Cincinnati to pick up the denim with fog lights and moon roof as there were only 3 in the state when he went looking for us. Decided to go with the denim color because it seems (so-far) to...