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  1. Next Generation Soul Spy Shots

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Some new more detailed info about the next Soul. Not crazy about the split headlights. Didn't like them on the Juke, outgoing Cherokee, and the Hyundai Kona.
  2. 2017 Kia Soul - spy shots, news & rumors

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Kia is working on a Soul facelift. The 2017 Soul is coming out later this year and here we have the very first spy shots of the refreshed model: 2017 Kia Soul Release Date, Turbo Engine, Colors & News | Kia News Blog
  3. westcoastsoul - finished shots #1

    Owners Photo Gallery
    Despite the rain I managed to get a few shots today in cloudy weather , I think it shows the project better than the phone pics earlier . I'll post another range with details in #2.
  4. Kia Soul EV Spy Shots

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Just saw this on Autoblog. Rumored Kia Soul EV spied for the first time - Autoblog
  5. Rolling shots!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    if anyone has any rolling shots of their car, please post. heres mine to start it off..
  6. My first set of parking lot shots!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    After a fresh wash. Well, i mean, not that fresh as I drove it all the way to SUgarland after I washed it. Hence why it may not look so "fresh." And yes, i know, i desperately need to vacuum my car. :(
  7. More Spy shots of 2012 KIA Soul

    Kia Soul News
    Sorry if these have been posted before but I looked and all the links/images of the new 2012 KIA Soul were taken in Denmark or some place like that, that had snow on the ground. These photos were taken in snow. Still in mule clothing to hide most visible upgrades, but take a look...
  8. Mountains shots!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    2 Weeks ago we went up to the mountains with the So-Cal Soul Club and on the way down I took some time to take some shots of my car check them ;)! here is a whole thread dedicated to my car... the only thing missing on it is the Vinyl I recently put on and I got rid of the red...
  9. Member Mug shots!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    Post a pic of yourself! Put a face to whos posting.
  10. Random Shots of my SOUl :)!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    I got bored busted the Camera out and took some shots there are more but its too many to post i'll just post a few at a time haha
  11. Random Shots

    Owners Photo Gallery
    So there is this street near my house that has a train that runs right in the middle, and it rarely has any trains passing by there well on my way to the verizon store to fix my droid it so happens that the train was coming and i managed to get some shots off my droid take a look!
  12. Rolling shots, etc

    Owners Photo Gallery
    from CLUB IN.TAKE GROUP DRIVING @ mountain seymour vancouver
  13. A few interesting shots

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Well, I have found a few interesting shots of Kia Soul. Each Soul is very unique, but I'd like to know, which one of these four do you prefer and why. Kia Soul 1: Kia Soul 2: Kia Soul 3: Kia Soul 4: