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    Hi all, I'm in the market for a Soul. Unfortunately, I'm on little time to purchase one (I need to this week) and am very un-prepared to go out car shopping so quickly after a total. I'd like to get the + model. It seems the MSRP is in the 21,430k range and the fair market range is at...
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    I have had this awesome Soul for about two months now. A lot of small mods here and there.
  3. Mid-West
    Hello! Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming September meet! Just under a month out! Plenty of time for most to request off work :p and just a not we will ALSO be doing a group photo shoot! Individual cars will get a few shots and the whole group will get shots as...
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  5. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I use my GoPro often, but have had no chance to film anything in our new 2012 Soul. I have been burning out my eyes in reading all the older threads here at this site, but I don't recall seeing anything related to videos done with a GoPro camera or such by new owners. I was hoping to see the...