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  1. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    My Granddaughter's 2011 Kia Soul has a starting problem related to battery and/or starter and/or charging system. The car has started reliably for 7 years and 115,000 miles. Very dependable,..... until about two weeks ago. Now it starts about half the time. A new battery was installed last...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Thanks for having such a GREAT SITE! I look foreward to getting the most out of my new membership. The family has a new 2011 Kia Soul Sport in Alien Green and it is a fun vehicle. I am sure the help from this forum will prove to be valuable as I have a few modifications to make on the new/used...
  3. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    It's all in this video. Warning Not to Use E15 Gas in Your Car: FOX Business - YouTube I'm guessing that we all know better than to put E-85 in our Kias, but now there is E-15 and it seems like it's another NO! NO! Happy Holidays Mates! TechnoMage :cool:
  4. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I can't believe I have learned to like an orange car...but the Ignition makes me smile. Actually prefer the '11 Ignition because I don't care for the stripes, but I do like the SE wheels. Anyway...we went to dinner tonight and we were in separate cars. As we were both walking to our cars...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Just bought a new 2014 Soul! and I'm loving it. Traded in a 2000 GMC Sierra Truck (had it for 14 years), so it's quite a change, but in a good way. The Kia is much more fun to drive and love all the bells and whistles. Only problem, when you trade a truck in you realize all handy things it...
  6. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    The dealership has a deal that if you have all maintenance done with them; they will double the power train warranty (20 yrs 200k miles). BUT they require oil change every 3k....They said Kia requires every 5k to maintain the warranty but the manual says 7,500 miles. What do you all think about...
1-6 of 6 Results