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    :) I've always hated when people say "do you know what you're doing". "I've never done it before, no" "then, you should get someone else to do that" "ok, well then the answer to your question will ALWAYS be 'no' " My brother mowed his yard, which included driving over his gravel driveway. I...
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    I got a little time at lunch today to take a few photos of my Soul. This one is probably the best. I really love the Soul, and I want to do something to it or make some stuff for it. I'm thinking about graphics, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm working on a drawing that I can use to play...
  3. Owners Photo Gallery
    Another White Soul - the Ice Box - cool color in Florida Below: Sun, Sand and Soul brighten what could be a gloomy day Below: Soul North Of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Below: Packed for the Beach - swimming, fishing or just wading. the Front Wheel Drive sure helps in the sand. FWIW, Carl B.