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  1. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Hello, I have a 2010 2U with 205/55/16 wheels. I need snow rims and these are available to me, but can not confirm the bolt pattern is correct for my car. Can anyone help me figure this out 16 inch 4.54 bolt pattern rims Thanks a ton Parm
  2. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Will 16" steel wheels from a 2011 gen 1 Kia Soul fit a 2017 gen2? They have different part numbers in the Kia parts inventory system. I have a line on a set that I want to use for winter tires on my 2017 base model. Thanks in advance! Beuford
  3. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Hello Everyone, I've done a search but I cant find the exact answer I'm looking for and I apologize if it's in here somewhere but I havent found it. I have a 2012 Kia Soul 2u with 195 65r15 with an offset of 44. Will a 215 55r17 fit with an offset of 60. From what I've read it will....I'm just...
  4. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Hello! If you have aftermarket rims on your Soul (mainly 2nd gen Souls) could you post a picture or two? Thanks!
  5. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    I recently bought a set of steel rims to put winter tires on. I was wondering what the difference in weight is between the stock aluminum rims and the steel rims. I don't want to be putting any undue stress on the steering and suspension components.
  6. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    I bought 16 inch steel rims for winter set of tires at KIA dealesrship. My Kia Soul EX 2016 has 215/55/R17 summer tires. At the dealership they advised me to install 215/55/R16 winter tires. But. Total wheel diameter with this tire size is about 5 cm less then for KIA "OEM" wheels. Should I...
  7. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Lets try this again with pictures! I am looking to purchase some new rims and tires for my 15 Soul Base, which is currently running the stock 15" tire rim combo. Please give me some input from anyone who has moved from 15" to 16" or 17" whels and tires and what the pros cons were. I don't...
  8. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Anyone know the maximum rim width that can be installed on a 2015 base without rubbing ? I found a good deal on 17" mustang bullitt rims but I believe they're 9.25" wide
  9. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    I pretty much know what the whole 215/55R17 means. If i want to change rims (looking already) do i only need to make sure they are 17" rims, or is there something i'm missing?
  10. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Can someone please tell me if I can switch the 18in rims on my 2010 kia soul exclaim down to 16in? My current tires are 225/45/18
  11. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    I have stock 16x6 rims on my soul. I saw somewhere that I could get 16x8 wheels for it. I'm going to lower the car and I want it to have a flush look. I'm also wanting to keep the same tires but just stretch them. Gimme advice please. I really want this car to be a badass
  12. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    So I'm looking at wheels for my kia soul. I want to keep the 16's and just go wider with the rim. I saw somewhere that a 16x8 rim can fit the soul. I would also like to keep the same tires cause I want the stetched flush look.
  13. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Is there a website that I can use to look up part numbers for my 2011 Kia Soul !? Specifically, the OEM 18" rim? TIA! K
  14. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Hope its ok to post here. I am located in central NJ. Looking to replace a bent rim. Anyone want to sell a single rim? I'd buy a set, if the price is right. PM me or email [email protected] if interested! Thanks! K
  15. For sale / Trade / Wanted
    Hi all So, pothole got me. Bent rim :( Before buying new, thought I'd see if anyone had a factory rim for the 2011 soul ! (18") for sale DM or email me please! [email protected] Thanks! K
  16. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    I'm looking for the following specifications for the 2014 Kia Soul: 16" 17" 18" I found some basic information on the Kia Media site: 2014 Kia Soul Specifications Wheel size: (inches) 16 x 6.5 17 x 6.5 18 x 7.5 Tire size: 205/60R16 215/55R17 235/45R18 The official thread in this forum...
  17. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Please post in the For Sale Forum.......
  18. Central
    Hello all, Just to let you know this April 7th 2013 we will again host a Summer Rim install (if you dare). It will be at the "Soul Garage" in Pickering Ontario. Please PM me for address and let me know if you intend to come. We are installing rims and some are painting calipers and adding...
  19. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    So rim is cracked (just bought the car used, I didn't do it!). The car has 18" Versante Rims....are these the normal rims that come with the 2010 exclaim? The tire store can't seem to find it possible they are aftermarket? I'm getting a price of $120+ per rim for new...
  20. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Im planning to change my 16" stock wth 17" Rims. What the max rubber size that i can fit in? 60? 55? 50?