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  1. Canada
    Hi all, Looking to get a rental (= lengthy test drive) in a 2012 Soul in the Toronto area and have googled car companies + Soul 2012 but come up empty-handed. Checked a bunch of rental company sites but they never have Souls listed as the first car in the compact or small SUV categories on the...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I'm going on vacation in late October, going to be landing in the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Does anyone know if any of the rental companies offer the Soul for a rental?? I'm a big guy, trying to save money on the rental and NOT have to rent some expensive monster, I'd LOVE to rent a Soul. If...
  3. Central
    Hey guys I'm getting my rims powder coated but I need some temporary back up rims, with tires or without. 5 x 114.3 pattern. 18" steelies will do. Should take a week or 2. I will pay of course.