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  1. Record september sales

    Kia Soul News
    RECORD SEPTEMBER SALES HELP KIA MOTORS AMERICA SURPASS ALL-TIME BEST U.S. ANNUAL SALES TOTAL IN LESS THAN NINE MONTHS Year-to-Date Sales up 37.1 Percent for One of the Fastest Growing Car Brands in the U.S. IRVINE, Calif., October...
  2. Kia 12th consecutive monthly sales record

    Kia Soul News
    IA MOTORS AMERICA ANNOUNCES 12TH CONSECUTIVE MONTHLY SALES RECORD Year-to-Date Sales up 39.4 Percent and on Pace to Surpass Kia's All-Time Best U.S. Annual Sales Total in Less Than Nine Months IRVINE, Calif., September...
  3. Kia Motors sets new sales record

    Kia Soul News
    Kia Motors sells a record number of cars in the first quarter of 2011… Kia Motors set a new quarterly sales record in the first three months of 2011 thanks to growing demand for its vehicles in the U.S. market the company announced today. During the Jamuary-March period, the company sold...
  4. 2010 Sales record

    Kia Soul News
    MONTH OF DECEMBER YEAR-TO-DATE Model 2010 2009 2010 2009 Soul 6,367 2,816 67,110 31,621 Kia Motors America Announces That 2010 Had All-Time Best Full-Year Sales and Market Share
  5. Soul damage - is this a record!

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    :( Only had it for two weeks and its mullered already! Left it at home while I went out for dinner and found it like this when I got back. At least they had the decency to leave a number...
  6. Mileage record to date

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Ok, for a bit of fun, lets see who has put the most miles on as of this week. I have just clocked up 2000 miles ...... I am sure that's not a lot Over to you..........