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  1. Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Any ideas? I am new to the Kia Soul family having purchased this 2016 about 2 weeks ago. Completely - my lack of understanding can be 'operator error". I also can't exactly figure out what kind of audio system I have. My audio does not match any pictures/videos anything I can find online...
  2. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Now when I owned a 04 RX8 this was normal but is it normal on a my car that has less than 300 miles on it or should I get that looked at by the dealer?
  3. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hi We have a 2010 Soul+ with the audio upgrade (if that matters) and the thermometer that displays on the stereo is always off by like 6 degrees. Always low. Anyone have such a problem or know of a fix? Thanks, Mark