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    Delivery for my new Kia Soul 2014 is due on Wednesday May 30th! Upgrading from an old Civic 2005, can't wait!
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    Looks like i'll have to go to Ontario if i want to participate in group Soul activities.
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    Hello! I just purchased a 2016 Kia Soul Sx Luxury trim! I wanted it Inferno Red, so they have to get it from another dealer 5 hours away. I will have it next week ! I can't wait! I was impressed by this little SUV like car! Having chronic articulations disease, I found that it was so...
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    First, i speak french, so my english is not perfect...:culpability: Hi, last January 2016 i buy a brand new Kia Soul SX 2015! It's over 2 years i check for this model, i want to buy a 2015 EX model, but they was sold out. So they make me a very good price for a SX. I'm very happy with my new...
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    Just bought a used kia soul 4U 2010 with 90 000 km on it. I love it for now... very comfortable and its surprizing the way it drives and the place inside is good. All in all i really like the car its cool looing and different. Now just hpoe it's a good car that doesn't break too much
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    A new member from Québec city, Canada ! Hi guys! My name is Sylvain. I bought my Soul on 2010 november 25th. It's a 2010 Soul 4U silver 2.0L m/t. Act 91000km (57000mi) Only 3 modif on the car: - cross-drilled brakes (4 wheels) - Memphis 150.2 amp and 12w0 jl audio sub in add if the oem sub -...
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    Got my new 2012 Soul 2 weeks ago and just love it. Can wait to read all the posts here and talk/discuss about the Soul.
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    Hi Everyone, My wife and I are considering buying a 2012 Soul 2U (we like some features on the 4u but prefer the ride on the 2u). We would pay cash rather than finance. I'm wondering about bargaining with dealers, as we have only ever bought used cars. Where are we likely to get movement...
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    Hi from Sherbrooke QC owner since june.
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    Just got a vanilla Soul. Two week with the car and I love it I just joined this forum but I will post pics of it soon ;)
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    Hi everyone. It is on order. I'm not exactly sure when I will get it because there are some issues that need to be worked out with the dealership. I will have my Soul 4U or Burner soon :D
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    Hi Everyone, I'm going to get my new Kia Soul burner tomorrow night. I took about every option except the body kit. Not a good idea in Quebec with our winter!!! I took the 18" black rim too... I'll post some picks when I'll receive it.
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    Juat want to thanks everybody for posting pics ans info on their experience i will get my Denim 2U manual soul tomorow cant wait to drive it back home. I will post my pics tomorrow. Hope it will help someone to choose color since there are not much picture of this color on the web. Hope to see...
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    Hey all! Found the forum while looking for more information on the Soul. I have been lurking the forum for 1 week now. I want to test drive one sooooo bad now... :D