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    Read more about the Kia Sorento Gets a Pretty New Face for its Hollywood Debut at
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    Hello all! I have been looking around on this forum a alot lately because I'm seriously thinking about getting a 2nd gen Soul. I currently drive a 2002 PT Cruiser base model 5 speed manual with no options. It has a/c and power windows and that's it for standard equipment. My main dilemma here...
  3. New Member Introductions
    (Sorry, I posted this somewhere else, not knowing about this section) Hello !!, This is my very first post here. I hope this is the place for quick questions. I've been looking for '12 6 spd Souls to replace my 2001 Honda Insight,, finally,, it runs great and all, but I'm tired of not being...
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    Some guy was yelling at his kids outside i climbed in Soul and could not hear anything! Didnt have that in rolla