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  1. OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood Prebuy Interest

    Evo Fusion USA
    From the other thread that we had going for a while, the style that the majority seemed to be interested in was an OEM style hood. In other words, a hood the exact same style as your stock one, but in carbon Fiber. The manufacturer of this hood would be Seibon, so the quality would not be...
  2. Cold Air Intake In Development / Prebuy coming soon

    Evo Fusion USA
    As soon as our header prototype is finished and off of the car, we are starting work on our Intake. The intakes we make again, are of top quality. For the price we pay for our filter alone, we could probably produce an entire intake system in China, but we go with the best products. Our...
  3. Header in Development for 2.0L/ Prebuy coming soon

    Evo Fusion USA
    Our new Soul has been at our prototyping facility for the past few days getting a new header ready for development. It was finished yesterday and I think it came out great. It is a 4-2-1 header with flexpipe. The first cat is eliminated, but there are O2 sensor bungs for both of those lines...