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  1. Polished Soul...

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  2. Nice Looking Java with Polished Wheels

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    In my continual search for a '12-13 Titanium, I just stumbled across this really nice looking Java. Never seen one in the flesh but it sure does look nice in these pics. I presume these are factory wheels that the PO had polished and IMO they look great. Java, available for one year only...
  3. Just installed a set of CariD Soul fender vent polished stainless steel accents!
    Got 'em from your site on EBay. Installed them today and it took all of 5 minutes! Great quality and it really brings those fender vents alive as far as being highly visible looking like something that came straight from KIA! If anyone orders these...I used alcohol and cleaned the port hole...
  4. Highly Polished Walking Cane Grey Tempest

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    It was sunny today, so gave the Soul a clean and went offroading.