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    Picked up my new Plus today, she's a beauty in Clear White, and her name is Lilith. When the dealer starts to talk about extended warranty, I usually just wave my hand and tell them to save their breath, but today I decided to hear them out. Has anyone purchased the Kia Vehicle Protection...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I would like your opinion on Kia Car Service Plan. Did you purchase it? Which plan? And how much? Can you also provide which dealership you purchased it from. Thanks Keith
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    With a legacy of producing dependable, top-quality tires and a reputation for being an innovator in the world of tires, Michelin Tires is internationally recognized for achieving the ultimate success. With an excellent selection of premium tires for a number of different vehicles and...
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    Salt, ice on the road, etc. What do you guys have planned for when the snow starts to fall in Ontario? Any products you have in mind to protect the Soul from salt damage? Winter tires?