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    I have had this awesome Soul for about two months now. A lot of small mods here and there.
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    Read more about the Kia GT Photo Leaks, Teased on the Track at
  3. Owners Photo Gallery
    Having problems posting photos of my KIA SOUL from Photo Bucket. Could someone please help me out. Wanting to show off my 2014 KIA SOUL PLUS:sneakiness::)
  4. Mid-West
    Hello! Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming September meet! Just under a month out! Plenty of time for most to request off work :p and just a not we will ALSO be doing a group photo shoot! Individual cars will get a few shots and the whole group will get shots as...
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  6. Owners Photo Gallery
    Sometimes in Tucson the heat is pretty intense. Luckily we have Mt. Lemmon here on the north eastern border of the city where my Island Girl and I can escape the heat when we want. On this day it was about 100F in the city.......64F on the mountain.......did NOT want to come back down!
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    All photo's now being downloaded here at KFS must have a moderators approval. So if you have any photo's that need an approval please PM a Moderator (Rodville or myself). Thanks for your cooperation! :)
  9. Owners Photo Gallery
    There's been a lot of talk about how this is not working properly. It is working perfectly fine if you know what to do to attach your photo properly. So this is a DIY on HOW TO ATTACH A PHOTO FROM YOUR COMPUTER INTO YOUR FORUM MESSAGE You all know how to enter your message, but to attach an...
  10. Owners Photo Gallery
    Not Mine in the mirror, but pretty cool since it was taken from our Soul:
  11. Central
    Ok, because the original thread was gettin very long, i decided that it would be best to start a new thread with photos of the Cruise. Got up at 5:00 AM to meet with my fellow Soul Mates as we headed from Toronto to London to meet even more Soul Mates. We arrived in London shortly after 9:00...
  12. ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    I've had & used this Rockford/Fosgate box for over 15 years Always powered by a small 45X45 Sony Mosfet amp Finally, after almost 2 years, I installed this into my 2010 Soul Amp is mounted behind the trim panel opposite side from factory amp location Wired to the rear speaker lines after the...
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    As you can see, this young Fella is real happy to own a Soul
  14. Owners Photo Gallery
    Places of interest on the California Central Coast this one is where James Dean was killed in Sept 1955 while he was on his way to race at Laguna Seca Raceway.
  15. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi All! I'm looking for a photo of a Soul! engine. Please share if anyone has it... I may be missing the spark plug cover plate and need to know what item my dealer owes me.. obvious screw areas, but no cover.:(
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hay all I just drove my Dune! down from Seattle to Long Beach. loved the transport drive I am an automotive photgrapher so I would love to help out some Soul owners with some shots.
  17. Owners Photo Gallery
    My new Soul This is my new Soul, all stock for now. It's a 1.6 liter manuel with air-conditionned.[url]
  18. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    I saw a Wheel photo gallery was requested in another thread. Here it is. Admins, please make sticky. Here are my 18" JH3's by ASA Wheels in Chrome.