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    Someone's Kia Soul got a bit of love in the most recent Nextmod BBQ video.. *cough cough MARC, DANIELLA coug* Nextmod - Summer BBQ 2011 on Vimeo
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    Need to know who is in for the Bbq @ Nextmod on Sunday so I can reserve parking. Pre meet at TimHortons on Woodbine South of 407, I wont be there, i will be at nextmod reserving spots, will have the kia tent and UKE signs. me +1
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    Nextmod is holding their 2nd Anniversary BBQ on the 18th of September. As always it starts at 12 but if we want good parking we need to be there around 11. Who's in? 1. SOUL4U 2. TIGGRESS 3. Marc 4. Homer1 5. Cupcake3 6. D113 7. Gary Townshend 8. BLKKoup
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    My ECU has become the template for future Soul reflashes at SFR and in the same afternoon my wheels became the template for a customization project at NextMod. Rachel now has the pattern for the centers of the wide solid spokes on the 4u alloys (like the car at the right side of this forum's...
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    Hey Guys (and Gals) This is a good opportunity to get to know your car. Check it out! Happy to be able to help out again, Nextmod for our 5th reflash tour in Toronto See yall this weekend! (July 31st) Reflash fee is $400 2.0Turbo and 3.8 V6 Genesis coupe any year 2.0 and 2.7 New Tiburons...
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    Hey Look what I found. Anyone interested, I would love to see a whack load of us out to this. I will be going, and we will organize with the Forte Forums. Also if you know anyone who has any Kia bring them aswell. Cheers, SOUL4U Nextmod 1 Year Anniverary - Aug 15th Nextmod 1 Year Anniverary...