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    Just bought a 2014 soul , and i think i am in love with it .I am an old vw bug owner in the past and the Soul is fun to drive much like the bugs were . Will have some questions i will post in the forum later One of the things that i like in the Soul is that it has a heater and A.C .with the bugs...
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    I'm 66 years old and I'm driving a 2015 Soul. I had a 2010 Soul.I went to the dealer for a timing belt.I drove a 2015 Soul and left my 2010 at the dealer and drove home in my 2015 Soul. What a difference.I did add mud flaps and driving lights.
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    Okay, let's try again. I am new to this forum and I can explain, really. I had started another thread, but my too large fingers erased it, maybe it went into some electronic "black hole". Whatever, it's gone, so to begin again. A happy wife is a happy life, remember this. I was just patting...
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    bought a 13 soul base model/auto I like it better than my Town&country Great gas milage Question do any of you tow a boat trailer with it?
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    newbe fro Winnipeg Manitoa canada kennyo