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    Read more about the 2016 Kia Sorento Named IIHS Top Safety Pick at
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    Hey guys I'm new obviously. I drove one of these a few weeks ago when I rented one. I instantly fell in love and had to buy one. I'm more of an impulse buyer but whatever I'm happy and only paying $300 monthly for 5 years, not the best credit so I'm happy. Took some pictures for you guys...
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    WooHoo Named by the Prestigious: "WardsAuto" to one of 10 Best 2014 WardsAuto Names 2014 Kia Soul To List Of "10 Best Interiors" Redesigned Urban Compact Boasts First-Class Appointments in a Fun-loving New Package WardsAuto Names 2014 Kia Soul To List Of '10 Best Interiors' -- IRVINE...
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    Congrats to Kia/Hyundai for winning the 8th best engine of 2012 for the new 1.6 GDI "Gamma" engine! Keep up the good work... Ward’s Auto 10 Best Engines List Revealed For 2012 | News
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    Hello, New to the forum here. Bought the 2010 Soul! with the 5-speed back in June 2010 and have loved it ever since. The wife drives it as her daily driver but I am looking to give it a little help in the "get up and go" category. Hoping to find a lot of helpful tips here. And yes it is named...
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    The 2010 Kia Soul urban passenger vehicle recently was named to the "Top Vehicle Picks for Dog Owners" list by AAA, North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization. The uniquely styled vehicle was selected as a good choice for transporting smaller and mid-size breeds, and...
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    Back in 2000 Hyundai Kia CEO Chung Mong-koo refused a request by the company's chairman, and his own father, to step down from the top post of the Korean automaker. Today, Mong-koo is getting the respect he rightly deserves, after being named Asia's top automotive business leader by Automotive...