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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Everyone! I just brought home (I'm in central Ohio) my 2013 Soul + and we're getting acquainted as I go through the owner's manual and learn/test all the features. I got a fair deal on a moderately low mileage Soul (23K for $12.3K) in excellent shape - one owner, no accidents, etc. as far...
  2. Owners Photo Gallery
    New Soul owner here...well, new to us! ;) She's a 2012+ in Molten Red, financed. But, believe it or not, she only has 7500 miles on her!! (Right before leaving the dealer earlier this evening) It's 99.9% stock. There are these lights though, in the cup holders and under the dash, with a...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, and thanks for letting me into your forum! This week I bought my first ever Kia Soul: A 2013 base w/ Automatic transmission. 21,000 miles. Drove a rental car 2 hours to check it out and pick it up. I feel like I got a good deal as I had been shopping around for a couple weeks. We...
  4. Owners Photo Gallery
    Just my first pics. Let see how much it will change:think:think:think:think
  5. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Is anyone aware of the differences between these two colors. Is Molten metallic like the Inferno is? Or is it just a few shades of difference? I always though that Molten did not look quite right on the Gen 1 cars (no offense, just an internal reaction I had to the color) and Inferno does not...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I picked up my new 2013 KIA Soul 4U on Tuesday. I now have about 600K on it and find it great. Now to find rims and snows before the white stuff gets serious. Looking forward to browsing the forum for tips and good information.
  7. Owners Photo Gallery
    Had the day off and was able to get the New Car cleaned up. Had it for 1 month now, we sure like it. its a 2013 ! My only regret is the rear spoiler. The dealer in Houston had 2 of these Molten Red ! in stock both were identical except 1 had the spoiler, and the other had remote start. Price...
  8. Owners Photo Gallery
    Here She is!
  9. New Member Introductions
    Howdy Y'all, Just picked up a brand new 2013 Molten Soul, after a three day monumental negotiating battle with the dealer, In the end I won and I Must say I couldn't be Happier. :D
  10. Owners Photo Gallery
    I love my new Soul +. Physically, I needed something easier on my bad back. I was in so much pain from my previous car (having 2 herniated discs helped too) that my wife actually test drove the car I bought. Going from a Mustang to this ...well, my pride had to be swallowed and I quickly...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi my name is Tony and I am from Midwest City, Oklahoma, I bought my first Kia Soul+ this week, it is Molten in color and we just love this car and the HD Radio with 6 Speakers and 2 tweeters are down right out of this world! We bought it late in the evening Tuesday night, so they did not...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Glad to be joining the ranks of the faithful Souls... though I think we just increased the average age of the owners club single handedly. We were planning to buy a good used car as our 4th as driving daughters were driving us bats trying to juggle 3 cars! But seeing the value of a new Base...
  13. Owners Photo Gallery
    Additions so far include tinted driver & passenger side glass and extra tint on the sunroof glass, aero wipers, "hockey stick" stripes, K&N filter, Aries all weather floor mats front & rear, all incandescent bulbs inside & out converted to led's, SSD roof rails, cross bars, and...
  14. Owners Photo Gallery
    Most of my up grades are internal, I have a friend I went to college with who's a software programmer and he adjusted fuel curve and some other parameters on it(this will most definitely void your warranty). its a lot more peppier then when I bought it. I installed an K&N short ram intake, Next...
  15. Owners Photo Gallery
    just picked up a new 2013 molten base. fits nicely in the driveway with my 2012 clear white base :D
  16. New Member Introductions
    Loving my new Soul! Even though she came with a big dent on the roof right above the windshield:0( The dealer will be fixing it next week, hopefully. Now that she's here (has to be a she since the voice that talks to you on Uvo is female, lol) she needs a cool new name! Any suggestions??:)
  17. For sale / Trade / Wanted
    2012 Kia Soul Exclaim! Rims For Sale! Selling the rims on my 2012 Kia Soul Exclaim! $2,000 for all 4! Please Email if you are interested? Thank you!
  18. Owners Photo Gallery
    My Molten Kia Soul Exclaim! So proud. I might have to sell it because of work cutting my hours and having financial troubles, but hoping to avoid that if possible!
  19. New Member Introductions
    Love it, love the sound system, the room and the ease of access. Garland, TX (SW Kia)
  20. New Member Introductions
    I'm in Miami, FL and I love the Soul+. The sound system is excellent, plays my Adele, reggae, soca and my son's Cold Play with a thumping bass. We love it!