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    Hello folks. MT-ED has joined the moderator crowd. EDIT: Sorry for the brevity, I am having trouble with my computer and site responses.
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    Please welcome KiaSoulForums newest Moderator.....Shaggy Wierdo!!! Way to go bud!!!!
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    ok rodville, since you didn't give anyone a chance before you exercised your power over some buttons, you have left me no other choice but to start a new thread to post what i was gonna add under your "i think" post in that thread so >>>> i think someone is showing off his new title, and am real...
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    All Forums Managers will have their "Username" (online status) highlighted in the "What's Going On" area at the bottom of the forum index page. This will allow members to contact one of the forum Managers if they require assistance and/or have an inquiry.
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    Please Welcome "Deeper Shade of Soul" as your new forum Moderator. He is a very active forum member, therefore he was recommended and promoted to Moderator status.