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    Hi - I owned 2010 Kia soul. I bought it from my daughter who bought a different model of SUV. I just love to drive a simple vehicle - not too big or too small. I hope this forum will help me learn more about my car. I am more of a dodge than Kia. I've owned Dodge since 19 years old and finally...
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    Hi there! I purchased a very nice silver 2014 model with dealer maintenance records, although the last owner stretched the oil changes out a bit. Not sure if he used a full synthetic or not. The car spent its nights in Kansas City (with this mileage, its days were on the road!), and I am...
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    Hi, I recently purchased a 2017 Kia Soul +. I am very happy with my used Kia Soul. I've already upgraded the air filter to a K&N filter for improved acceleration and gas mileage. Glad to be here, --Joshua
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    Hi, all. We bought our 2010 Soul in 2012 when we lived in Indiana. We love it! We moved to Panama a year ago, and left the car with our daughter and SIL in Missouri. It's red, and we added the Soul Cat striping package (silver). It gets lots of attention!
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    Hello everyone! Just want to take a moment and introduce myself to the group. I have had my Soul for about two months now and I am loving every moment in it. This site was very helpful in my decision to purchase a Soul. So I look forward to many conversations with you all.
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    Hey everyone, after spending a number of weeks researching what I wanted for my next car, I settled on the Kia Soul, and last night drove home my brand new Soul, with all of 18 miles on it, 12 of which were the miles I put on it during the test drive. I purchased it from Jim Butler Kia, in...
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    Just picked up my 2012 base 6spd last week. I have already started to make changes...tinted windows, Alloy wheels....all weather mats....more to come.
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    Just traded in a Ford Explorer for my new Denim Soul and in five days have over 500 miles on it. I really love this car!
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    hi, I just got my Kia Soul last week. i purchased a used one, Java Kia Soul !. I love my new car. It is funny how I came across the Kia Soul. i was in a Kia dealer looking at a used mini-van and I walked by the Soul. I looked inside and saw it had a pretty big back seat ( I have three kids)...
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    Here it is, got it on December 26th, 2009. Shot at 2009-12-28
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    Hello all! We bought our Molton Soul in June, but I only found you all today when I was trying to find out how to extend our Sirius radio! We actually stumbled into the Soul. We'd seen the hamsters, of course, but my husband needed a car with an automatic transmission, as he can't work a...
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    I've been thinking about getting a new vehicle that gets better gas mileage to replace my 2007 GMC Canyon. Actually my Canyon doesn't get bad gas mileage, avg between 20 and 23 with mostly around town driving and 25 - 26 on the highway. However with the amount of driving I do I'd much rather...