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    Hi all, My wife and I recently relocated to Puerto Rico. We just bought a silver 2019 Kia Soul Mate. It's the + with the panoramic sunroof and factory installed roof rails.
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    Hi Everyone, I've been with Hyundai for a long time and decided to jump into a Kia, I saw this at the Auto show in NYC in 2009 and i was hooked on the unique style. Now here i am with my first Soul and i got to say im loving it so far.
  3. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi Ladies & Gents, I just bought a 2014 Soul(Red Zone Edition) where I live(Dubai, U.A.E), and should be receiving it within the next couple of days. I am really excited about it, but I was bummed to read today about the steering problems & recall. Do you guys know if this problem only pertains...
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    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo imagejpg1_zps2b3b3a51.jpg"/></a>
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    Hello Guys, Some changes in my Kia Soul Mate; 1-Radio,GPS, DVD, TV system specially designed for KIA SOUL(2008-2011); Function: 7 inch HD Digital Screen , 800*480 high resolution with Touch-Screen Buit-in Bluetooth with A2DP for hands free call USB solt and SD interface on panel Built- in GPS...
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    Hi, im from Puerto Rico,,I'm just looking for ideas and ascesories availability for my new Soul 2013. Please recommended places and websites to find more info. Thanks
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    Witty remarks happen other days. My wife bought her '12 Excite in Jan and is quite happy with it.
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    The family calls me Papajohn, from Indianapolis, IN. Just ordered a 2012 Exclaim in Titanium with the premium package this afternoon. Had to drive 120 miles to get the best deal, but it was worth the trouble. $2000 less than the local dealer. They did warn me that it could take 3 months for...
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    Yesterday I just purchased my Ignition Red Kia Soul. I couldn't be happier! You guys helped me make my final decision as I scoured the site for the good and bad of the Soul. Thanks guys for having an awesome community!