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    Hello there! Relatively new here, wondering if there is a Soul owners' club or group around Metro Manila area. Thanks in advance for your response!
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    Hi Everyone, I'm from Manila, Philippines. I just want to share my '11 1.6 LX A/T Kia Soul. There aren't a lot of Souls on the road but starting to pick up since Kia slashed prices by about 200K pesos. That's about 4K USD. :) Rims are Lenso PD08 18x8 ET45 in White. Tires are Federal...
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    Hello everyone!!! We got our SOUL last January... loved it! Our daughter even named our SOUL - KING SOLOMON:) We liked travelling as a family & with our SOULomon travelling is more fun. Mabuhay & God bless! Attached pix (1st pix-beach at Ilocos, 2nd - Oldest bell tower in the Philippines at...