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  1. Love my 2012 Kia Soul!

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    Hi all. I'm happy this place exists - so tired of people who've never owned one of these fun cars ridiculing them. I bought mine used in 2013 and absolutely love it. I'm having some issues now (107K miles) and am looking forward to getting your insight when I post about it later.
  2. New member! Love the Soul 2020

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    Hi, my husband and I just bought an Alien Orange Kia Soul. We absolutely love it and all the safety features it offers! Freaked us out the first time we realized it cuts off the engine for a short time when you stop! We were so used to clunkers stalling on us that we assumed the worst! I no...
  3. Intro: I LOVE my 2017 Soul! (Certified Pre-Owned) !!!

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    Hi. I'm new here. When I was ridesharing last year, my personal vehicle at the time (2006 Honda Civic hybrid) needed work, so I rented a car from Hertz as part of its partnership with Lyft. That particular location gave me the next available car -- a 2016 Soul basic. I'd never driven a Kia (or...
  4. 2012 Soul and love it.

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    BEST all around vehicle
  5. I love my 2011 Kia car I've even owned. But I'm broke and need a battery

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    need a battery 2011 Kia Soul - dead battery/dead broke (Cumberland Manor) I've had good luck so far with a car I was able to purchase from a settlement over 3 years ago. However, I am struggling to keep it on the road. I had to sell a guitar for a brake job and I used my RI1040H for inspection...
  6. Greek soul...I'm in love with Kia soul...

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    Hallo guys...I'm George from Greece and I'm in love with soul..... Right now I'm waiting (1/11/2018) for the mechanic check and if everything is ok I'll buy my 1st 2012 soul.. can't wait....but I like the waiting f soul.. Have a nice day soulmates:joyous:
  7. stock Windshield washer Fluid (love it)

    How To / DIY (Gen 2)
    This is an odd request, but does anyone know where to get the kind of windshield washer fluid that comes stock in a new Kia? It actually has a great, satisfying smell. (anyone notice this?) I'm assuming the dealer sells the stuff, but does anyone know if there is a particular brand of...
  8. I really LOVE my Soul, but... (my list of things I wish I could change)

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Some background - I recently purchased a '19 Base MT and drove away knowing I did not get a luxury car. So I am not complaining about what I got, but I am looking to see what can and can't be done and so forth. I am fairly handy, don't mind almost anything DIY and have a decent background in car...
  9. Love my 2017 base soul with manual transmission...but need snow tires...

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    Hi all, About one year ago I purchased a 2017 base with manual transmission, I love it. However, I live in the northeast and my experience last winter 'strongly suggested' switching out all weather to snow tires this coming winter and into the future. Snow tires/wheels are reasonable, but...
  10. I love forums as its a great way to share information

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    I'll be upfront about it, I'll be a lurker more than an active member here. Maybe that will change, we'll see. This isn't my first time in a forums group, I join the ones that I am driving at the time because y'all are vast bunch of talented people and most of the times I can find an answer...
  11. Love my Soul

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    After years of big fat SUV and truly downsized and for the last two years have loved my Kia Soul! Now looking to see what her full capabilities are!
  12. Love my Soul But...........

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    Love my 2014 Kia Soul, but i have experienced this rattle sound coming from the center dash speaker. I have seen post about opening it up and putting padded tape inside, but i am not entirely sure how to get the cover off without breaking it. I am here to see if anyone has any instructions or...
  13. I love Soul!!

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    Can i join the forum?? THanks I am Nick from California
  14. Soul love

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Ok I used to have a jeep wrangler and when you drove past another jeep you would get a wave which I called jeep love. I have tried this to other soul drivers and got no response. Is this a thing? If not it should be we have to stick together. Spread the love!
  15. 2 weeks with my new soul and love it so far!

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    Hello from Tennessee my 2018 Soul base has been everything I wanted and more shockingly enough. I went to Kia to buy a optima and decided to just take a peak at the soul and I has to have it.
  16. Just purchased a 2012 Kia Soul Base, Love it!

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    Howdy from Houston! I just purchased a 2012 Kia Soul Base locally (steal of a deal), and already searching the forum for upgrades. Car Specs: Year: 2012 Option: Base Engine: 1.6L Trans: 6-Speed Manual Color: Silver With Racing Stripe Wheels: 18" Rims (not Steel stock) Mine did not come...
  17. 2017 Kia Soul Plus! Alien II. LOVE IT!

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    I bought a used 2017 back in July with 17,000 miles and dumped (traded) my 2012 Focus. After door latch and transmission issues, I was done! I wish KIA made the new exclaims with a choice of transmission and engine as I’d love to have the turbo, but without the DCT. It was a nightmare in my...
  18. Love's Gas

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    We have some cheap gas here in Phoenix, But while traveling to Tucson, down I-10 Gas was even cheaper @ 209 per gal @ Loves ! :love_heart: .
  19. Got to love it , Sunshine and Soul .

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    Bath Day :biggrin:
  20. First New Car 2017 Soul! Love it but...

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    Hi all, in AZ with new 2017 Inferno Red Turbo Soul bought 4th of July. Love this snappy car but joined forum to discuss issue with extremely thin, orange peel defective paint finish. Chips from day one everywhere down to bare metal. Detailed at 125 miles and shop said also has orange peel...