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    Purchased new in 2011 and now have a rattle thump sound in left rear. Only have 38,000 miles on the car. Anyone have any ideas on what this is and how to fix it.
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    Have had my soul since 2011, now has 36,000 miles on it and a noise has started in the left rear area. It's a thumping sound on rough pavement. Anyone know what's going on ? Thanks in advance for any help
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    Hi, been stalking the forums for a few weeks getting tons of information on Souls. We finally sold our car and signed the papers on our own SOUL last week! It still has not arrived at the dealer as of today but they gave us a 2010 + Bright Silver to drive until ours arrives. Im really liking it...
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    Hello, I am considering myself lucky for finding a Moss Green Exclaim with the Premium Pkg within 200 miles of STL. I was going to hold out a bit longer, but apparently these things are very rare around here. Take care, Onehappydogstl
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    Hey everyone, after spending a number of weeks researching what I wanted for my next car, I settled on the Kia Soul, and last night drove home my brand new Soul, with all of 18 miles on it, 12 of which were the miles I put on it during the test drive. I purchased it from Jim Butler Kia, in...
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    My new custom 3rd brake light installed...[email protected]/6746117461/[email protected]/6746114271/
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    Just got mine saturday and love it. I wanted one when they first came out but had to wait til now. I have already done some things I work at an auto parts house and I didnt want to pay alot for the ralley stripe and found so striping kits for 19.99 and ordered it. I put it on last night in...
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    :confused: I live in Little Rock, but had to go all the way to St. Louis to find a White Soul Sport 5 Speed. My New Soul has relocated to Little Rock and has adjusted nicely. I am a proud Kia Soul owner. :cool:
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    Hello from St. Louis. Love my Soul. I am a Soul Man for sure.
1-9 of 9 Results