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  1. Looking for instructions to enter POI on phone app

    ICE & Communication (Gen 2)
    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running android Pie. I installed the UVO app. I select "My POIs" but I an not seeing a way to enter an address or other POI information. What am I missing? Thanks
  2. Looking at getting a 2020 Soul.

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 3)
    So I'm looking at handing my 2012+ down to my son and getting another car. Thought about getting a Honda Civic Hatchback, but I'm leery of Turbos. So since my Soul+ has been so good I figured I might get another. Just having a hard time deciding between the 2 versions I've looked at - the 2020...
  3. Looking to get back into a Soul

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    There's a 2011 Soul for sale near me, it's in pretty pristine condition cosmetically, but has 224,000 miles. Seller wants $2000 for it and I can give him cash for it. But is there anything I need to be aware of with the 2011 model? I know Soul's didn't having timing chains until 2012 so I know...
  4. Looking for a used Soul for my son's first car.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. My son has been wanting a Soul for his first car. It will probably be a first generation since I don't want to spend a lot on a first car. I came to this forum to do a little research about reliability.
  5. 2013 Soul+ Looking for Wiring Diagrams to install Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    Above is the factory amp in my car. On the side of the amp it says JBL 96370-2K600. I wanted to splice off the wires behind my head unit to use speaker level input to my new amp but I don't think there are any speaker wires coming out of my head-unit, only the factory amp. I got some wiring...
  6. Paranoid NYC street-parker looking for help!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I just bought a 2018 plus and though he was a rental car and therefore already has more scratches than I’d like, I’m still looking to prevent further damage as much as possible (and intend to work on filling the current ones over time). About half of the time (I share an indoor garage...
  7. newbie looking for help with issues

    New Member Introductions
    going to be looking for some help with an issue with my kia soul!!
  8. Looking for kfergiez Yakima Roof Rack Install Pics 2011 Kia Soul

    New Member Introductions
    Installing a roof rack on my 2011 Soul, and cannot access the pics to help with the install. Help? Thanks!
  9. new to kia soul. bought a lemon looking for repair advise

    New Member Introductions
    im a gearhead but souls are new to me, 2013 red, manual base, runs good but having eps check engine light issues steering has no increased resistance at increased speeds, very dangerous on the hwy and the main code is p2159 Vss no Ujoint issues, no damper issues rack seems tight was just...
  10. Hello, Looking forward to the forum.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I'm Keith. I am a second Soul owner. I previously owned a 2010 Soul !, ran to almost 200K.Traded for a 2017 Soul+. Looking forward to viewing and finding out more information about improvements for lighting. Thanks again.
  11. looking for a hitch for kia 2020

    Soul Accessories (Gen 3)
    i cant find any place to buy a hitch compatible wiith the model 2020 there is de same of 2019'
  12. Soul Dad looking for advice for Daughters 2014 Kia Soul base

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All I would like to get a wider tires for daughters car: BFG G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S - SIZE: 245/50ZR16 and new rims Sport Edition A15 Hyper Silver, Size: 16x7.5 Offset: 50mm Can anyone help with this, Will this tire work with the 2014 soul I checked tiresize dot com and compare 205/60r16 to...
  13. Looking for solution to lock issue

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am looking for possible solution for a 2012 Kia Soul. Suddenly the fob only works on driver door. The other 3 doors and hatch do not lock/unlock either with fob or switch on door.
  14. Looking to Buy a Soul

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I am in Costa Rica and really want a smaller vehicle to get around, but need a little ground clearance since we rarely have paved roads. Wondering of anyone has purchased a lift kit for theirs and if so, could you direct me to a reliable sight. Thanks and Gracias!
  15. Just looking

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Tom and I’m looking at a new soul. I guess I’m having a mid-life crisis a few years late. I don’t need a decked out soul but if the GT looks as good in person I’ll be buying one, if not the Kona will get another look. I have a 2015 CRV touring and now that I’ve gotten used to...
  16. Kia Soul 2011 with unsolved squealing, looking for help

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I have a Kia Soul 2011 which has been great except for one issue. There is a squealing in my engine that is getting worse and no one can figure out the cause. When it first started over a year ago, the squeal was there upon start up, usually only when it was cold and it would stop within...
  17. New to Kiasoulforums, looking for help! 2013 Base

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I've got a 2013 Base, and I've got a radio problem that I'm looking for help on. Hoping someone here can assist!
  18. Looking for anything!

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    I’m having a hard time finding much available for these cars. I’d like a set of Halo projection lights with blacked out one has lights. But they’re available for the previous generation. Can’t find cat back exhausts, can’t find a good coil over kit? Any suggestions where I can...
  19. Looking For Automotive Art? Check This Out...

    Vendor Deals
    Need some automotive artwork to spruce up the garage, den, or anywhere else in the house? These technical-style chalk drawings are printed on metal plates in three different sizes, and with over 125 prints to choose from, there will be something in the mix for every shade of auto enthusiast...
  20. New member looking to buy

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! New member in Reseda, CA here. Have been thinking about getting a new car, rented a 2018 Soul recently and loved it. Am looking at a possible 2011 Denim Soul+. Any comments on what to look at beyond the usual would be appreciated. They seem to be pretty reliable, in my research...