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  1. Rear door speaker LEDS

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    So got a new soul after flippin the first good news is parts! I am waiting on two LED amplifiers to pick up the signal from the front then redirect it to the rear along with interior. Heres the start of the project. Im gettin the first one worked out then I'll take pics of the process on the...
  2. Fog Light LEDs for 2010-2013 Kia Soul

    Diode Dynamics
    Can you tell me how many watts the Fog Light LEDs for 2010-2013 Kia Soul are for each bulb? I'm wanting to use an auto on/off switch made for DRLs but it can only handle 12w. Thanks! Greg
  3. Brighter Speedo Illumination?

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Brand new '16 Soul with Type A OPS043102N speedometer gauge indicator needle that even at the brightest setting is too darn dim both at night and day driving. Is there a way to make the needle MUCH brighter? Can it be made white and much brighter? The numbers and hash marks are bright...
  4. Replaced low/hi headlights with LEDs. What about the weather covers?

    How To / DIY (Gen 2)
    I changed the headlights on my wife's 2014 Kia Soul (combo low/hi) for LEDs (OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs w/ Clear Arc-Beam Kit - H13 (9008) - 80w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE). It was easy on the passenger side and 'fun" getting it done on the driver side, but it worked although the driver side...
  5. Leds and arduino?

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    So i did a quick search skimmed a few posts to try and see if someone asked but didnt see any. I have a few ideas and was wondering if anyone tried to splice a led strip into the leds already in the vehicle and bypass using a controller? And has anyone used a arduino or the likes to control the...
  6. Recalls and LEDs Dont Mix

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    First off I put LED brake lights in a 2011. So my fiance took her 2011 to the dealer to have some recalls done(Air-bag, brake switch and something else). So they spent 6 hours d*cking around trying to figure out why the cruise control wouldn't work after they replaced the switch. After that...
  7. Walmart LEDs

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Our local Walmart has started carrying auto LEDs. The package says they have a CANBUS. Has anyone tried these? They're cheap enough at $14.99 per pair. Available in white, red and amber. Yes, I know that cheap is not necessarily good, but am curious about them.
  8. 2014/2015 Flasher relay question and other weird problem - anyone have any insight?

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    So I installed a set of 1157 switchback LEDs for the front turn signals and 1156 LEDs for the rear turn signals. Of course I now have (and expected) the hyper flash issue due the reduced load. In order to fix this, I have two options: install load resistors or replace the stock flasher with one...
  9. Positioning LEDs (Marc)

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    How about some more detailed info on the LEDs that you installed? Like part numbers, where to hook it up, complete list of where everything goes, and do you have the tube or factory LEDs stock? Inquiring minds what to know. It is a neat add, my tube lights are barely visible during the day.
  10. Happy 4th! 10% OFF LEDs with code: JULY4

    Diode Dynamics
    Celebrate this year with new LEDs from Diode Dynamics! Take 10% off now through July 4th with coupon code "JULY4" CLICK TO SHOP NOW! Cannot be applied to previously-placed orders. Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Not applicable to dealer or wholesale accounts. Discount is active...
  11. Kia Soul Fog Light LED Replacements! Plug & Play Install!

    Diode Dynamics
    Kia Soul Fog Light LED Replacements We carry LED bulbs for replacement of your Kia Soul fog lights, in all major sizes. They are available in HP, XP, and XML styles. This will make your Soul's fog lights a nice bright white that closely matches factory HIDs! Just simple plug and play...
  12. Kia Soul Tail / Turn Signals LED Replacements! Ships same-day!

    Diode Dynamics
    Kia Soul Turn Signal LED Replacements From the factory, tail light bulbs are powered by standard incandescent lights that light up white in color, and cast light through your Kia Soul's red or amber tail light lens. This results in a washed-out color. Newer luxury vehicles are using LEDs...
  13. Interior & License Plate LEDs

    How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    Hey everyone, I want to put white LEDs for my 2013 Kia Soul's license plate, as well as all the interior lights. I am not a huge tech/mechanics guy and I wanted to know how hard they are to put in? I am sure the license plate is a couple screws but what about the interior? Do I have to rip...
  14. Where can I buy the leds for the speakers?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    In spain aren't available, so i want to know where they are to buy a sistem, as near home as possible...
  15. FATHER'S DAY SALE! 10% OFF ALL LEDs, this week only!

    Diode Dynamics
    As Father's Day approaches, remember that your Dad would love some upgraded lighting for his car! LEDs are a great way to improve the look of any vehicle, and anyone can install them! Don't know what you need? Just enter your vehicle at Diode Dynamics and see what we have to offer. You can...
  16. FS: Kia Soul License Plate LEDs! Several Model Options! Plug and Play Installation

    Diode Dynamics
    Kia Soul License Plate LEDs License plate bulbs are used to illuminate the rear license plate on your vehicle. From the factory, the bulbs are incandescent, lighting up in a yellowish color. Newer luxury cars use LED modules to illuminate the license plate with modern, cool white light. By...
  17. Eyeliner LEDs - 2012 Soul Base

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Today I popped in a set of edge lit, white weatherproof LED light bars. I hadn't seen anyone do an 'eyeliner' LED install, just lots of 'eyebrows' Took a few days of prep to the lights to fit them. But I think it was well worth it. Super easy mod, total time took me about a hour and a half of...
  18. just installed leds around my headlights(sweet)

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    check out what they look like.pretty cool.
  19. Leds above the headlights

    How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    :DI just added these to my soul. Took about an hour and they look great. They are wired into the parking lights.:cool:
  20. Underglow and Interior LEDs

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    These are what I just got. Million color underglow (4 piece plus a control box and a remote) and also 7 color interior LEDs (4 15 inch and 2 9 inch tubes). They both use a remote that can change the color of the light and both can light up to the beat of the music. Here is just the before...