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    Greetings & Salutations from New Jersey - Land of traffic, McMansions and hight taxes Hello all - Later on today I shall be the proud owner of a 2020 Soul - S line edition- in Sparkling Silver. I rented a 2019 soul last year for about 2 weeks (after some dopey newly licensed driver) clipped...
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    Just moving to New Mexico. Interested in 2018/19 Soul + but loaded up with driver assistance technology. Haven’t seen any of those on the local dealer lots (2). Very interested in owner experiences with current gen models.
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    I live in Wichita Kansas and have no help for my SOUL. I was wondering if anyone knew the pin configuration for the A pillar bulkhead for the front speakers? Also would like to know where they split the signal for the tweeter from the door woofer. Have some speakers that need to go in but nobody...
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    Comes the first Soul to Fort McMurray.
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    Hello Everybody, I was thrilled to find this forum. I ordered a Soul '2U Cool' and it will be here June 12. I can't wait! I'm an American man married to a Korean and have been teaching here 12 years. The Soul is new here in Korea too of course, and it is catching on fast. I don't speak...
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    Hi, I'm Teresa I'm 51 and just got my Soul Sport last Saturday. The hamster commercial got me! I traded in a Honda Element for my Soul. Got all the options and the titantium gray outside. Am loving it, so much fun to drive. I live in the Orlando area.