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    Over the last few weeks I've posting tweets to the #Kiakey with nothing showing up on the website. If fact it seams that nothing has been posting to the website for the month of January. Digging into this i found under the terms agreement that the plan was to only run the website until...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    It was mentioned in another old thread no points for USA is a link to Kia's Facebook page KiaKey where you can earn 'miles' and earn kia products. Thought this deserved it's own thread. Any other programs that Soul owners can participated in for rewards...
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    Just got these on my Soul..... from... Kspeed Blue K Logo Front Rear Emblem 2pcs Fits Kia 2010 2013 Soul | eBay Low cost mod to add a little color....
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    Check out Kia Key and ear some cool Kia Gear... KiaKey