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    Hows it going ? been thinking for a while to do some slight modifications, see others rides, and how everyone is enjoying there souls. i drive a 2018 Kia Soul Turbo. Previously owned a 2015 black kia soul base model until a driver decided to run a red light and total my car. i really enjoy...
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    Hi Everyone, I'm SunnyDan My wife and I are in our 60's and she wants to get a new 2018 or 19 Kia Soul+ (no extras) We live in the US southwest (hot!!!) and she currently drives a 2004 Toyota Camry XLE with 80K miles (hardly anything for a toyota) All of her friends that have kia soul's love...
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    Just joined for tips on how to fix a problem I have with my 2014 soul
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    Good morning! I have browsed the forums for awhile. I've now joined because I have an issue with my 2013 kia soul+ 2.0L with a manual transmission with 135k miles. It is leaking from the shaft of the transmission. I thought the clutch was out but it was oil soaked causing it to slip.... Now I...
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    New Soul owner just bought a 2016 Kia Soul with 6 speed manual tranny. I will be looking for info on aftermarket cruise control units/recommendations.
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    Hi, Im mike and i just found this forum. So much useful info and likeminded people on here. I have a 2015 titanium silver kia soul and i live in guam.
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    Driving my 2nd Soul. Had a 13 now driving a 16. Not sure to ask my question here or in another forum. I'll poke around for awhile.
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    Wassup all! My name is Matt and today I just picked up a 2016 Kia Soul+. What a sexy-awesome car this is. Lots of power, comfy and roomy interior and when the sun hits that Alien II paint... it's certainly a thing of beauty! I was fortunate enough to get one with the audio package and...
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    Hey everybody! It's kinda neat to be apart of something like this. I have a 2010 Ghost edition. Owned it about a year and I love it. And it's my first car ever!(I'm about to graduate high school). Have a good one people and happy Easter!
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    Hi all, I'm Mike and I've had my 2013 Exclaim for over a year. I bought it used, but in excellent condition with low miles. Mostly happy with it, but there's some issues which I'll look up and see if others have had. Happy 2016 - Mike, Pasadena, Ca
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    After almost 4 years of waffling, my wife and I bought a '16 base 6sp in shadow black today. We bought our 2nd car today from Joe Myers Kia in NW Houston. The first was three years ago when we picked up a '13 Optima SXL. That's my car, the fully loaded Optima, she likes basic, hence the base...
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    Just leased a 2013 Soul base auto in 'Dune' color. Although its a lease, I ordered the armrest accessory (I figure its a must have) and so far have enjoyed the 26 or so miles I've driven the car. I have one issue though, the 12V lighter plug doesnt work - I checked the fuse and its fine, so I...
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    Hello everyone! Just found the site and joined. We have had our Soul for a couple of years now...bought a 2010 Soul in April of 2009. Our local tag office couldn't even find the 2010 Soul's in their database :) Anyway...we were the first kids where we live to own a Soul, and now, I can't keep...
  14. Central
    Just bought a 2012 Soul 4u and I'm wondering what a typical size of snow tire/wheel fitment most owners go for? Does anyone know what the bolt pattern and offset measurements are for the car? Also, I'm wondering if there is any difference in the size of the brake rotors on the 2012 4u compared...
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    I got my 2011 Denim Soul + just under a month ago. The minute I saw him on the lot, I fell in love. I totaled my Chevy Aveo in early January, and had put a "safekeeping" deposit on a Cruze so they wouldn't sell it so I could make up my mind over a weekend. By fate, I drove past a Kia...
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    Hi All, My wife and I picked up a 2011 yesterday with only 7k on it. So far we both like it. -mjr-
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    Hi Everyone, I have been using this forum while I researched the Kia Soul as an option to purchase.... and thanks to you, I said YES to the Kia Soul 2u 2011. I had to wait over a month to get the Denim Blue, but it was worth it. After 4 days, I have over 300 kms on it! The crew at Cobourg...
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    Hello fellow Kia owners, I'm on my first week as an owner of a 2011 Soul !. Loving the vehichle in every way compared to what I used to drive!! All of my friends are jealous, even ones who also recently bought other new cars.
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    That's right, we got soul! After looking for a few months, we decided hands down that the Soul was the way to go. It took some time to find just the right one. We ended up driving 250 miles round trip to get our Soul Exclaim in Shadow(Black). 7800 lightly driven miles on this baby and we...
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    Hey, SoulTerrier checkin' in from Southern Cal. I don't have my Soul yet but am hoping it will happen soon, need to sell another car first. I can't wait, though, so joined. Tell me, guys- what was the attraction? For me, it was size, style, and functionality- need a "get around town with panache...