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    2010 kia soul, manual, 4cyl, 1.6 liter engine Fairly new to DIY car repairs, but I enjoy a challenge so here we are.
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    Hey, just bought a 2015 Kia soul EX GDI. From Winnipeg, Canada. Looking to do a few upgrades to it. Cheers!
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    Hi. I'm new here. When I was ridesharing last year, my personal vehicle at the time (2006 Honda Civic hybrid) needed work, so I rented a car from Hertz as part of its partnership with Lyft. That particular location gave me the next available car -- a 2016 Soul basic. I'd never driven a Kia (or...
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    Hello. Mark DeCotis, 2020 red EX. How can you tell if your vehicle is eqipped with heads up display? Also, on warning lights to left of wheel what is function of the A key? Thank you
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    Hey Everyone, Just joined the awesome Soul community. I have a 2011 Kia Soul Base that I am thinking of adding some new wheels on. Anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking of some 18'' wheels from a second gen Kia Soul but not sure if they will fit or if there would be any rash. Any...
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    Hey just bought a 19 + love it what performance mods if any has anyone done?
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    What's up fellow Soul owners?!? I own a 2012 1.6L Kia Soul for about a year now and is my first car. I am from North Carolina. I have finally had the time to sit down and get involved in the community. I am looking to fix the problems in my Soul and possibly upgrading and adding to it. Thanks in...
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    Whats up guys. Bought a 2010 Kia Soul about a year ago, so far so good, well except for somebody rear ending me after about three weeks of having the car. It was a hit and run, ****ty luck i guess. I didnt report it to my insurance company because with my deductable i would have to pay more than...
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    As already posted on this forum, a full size wheel and tire (205/60R16) fit into the well easily. The cargo tray can be cut down with a carpenters saw (slit the back pad first with a box cutter). Us a 2 x 4 (3 1/2" high) to mark the foam with a marker and cut. Keeping the cargo tray in position...
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    Hi, folks. I recently purchased a '15 Kia Soul Exclaim (28K) with the panoramic sunroof and cloth seats. I have owned two Rondos, both '07s, and loved those cars, so I had no qualms about purchasing another Kia. After driving a '14 Soul base rental for a week, I decided on that car, but...
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    Hello Everyone, I am a potential new G3 Soul Owner. I will be giving up my 11 yr old Volvo S80 to my oldest as she is learning to drive. So I am in the market for a new car and I have decided on the Soul. I have always liked the quirkiness of them, plus the fact that they versatile in...
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    Hi all. I’m DeMarco727. Recently bought 2011 Kia Soul +. Happy with my purchase so far.
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    Hi Soul Forum folks. Just got my first Soul, 2016 Base model. Nice car, Would love any tips, tricks, etc to get the most out of this car. Has anyone added keyless entry to theirs?
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    Lol Newbie here! I'm Dan. I am a member on a few forums. I have a 2013 Soul , base model Getting close to the 100xxxmark got me to thinking I might need to join a forum to learn the good-bad about Soul's I actually have 3 Kia's, as I also have 2 Festiva's. Lol (Built by KIA w/ Mazda parts...
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    Hi I am Dennis from Indiana. I have had two Kia Souls 2015 & 2013
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    Hi everyone, Got a 2018 Soul ! , did my personal touch out of the exterior( pix coming soon) minor performance add -ons, kept stock exhaust but installed a cut of after resonator ( like it quite) CAI and oil catch can. Ordered and looking forward for my LAP3 uncle chip and HKS plugs. Does...
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    Just bought a 2019 Soul 6-speed. Loving it so far. Here to learn
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    Hi All!!! Just got my fathom blue 2015 kia soul plus already babying it hoping to bounce off all of your great ideas to make the most out of my little investment✌️
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    Hell all, I have been a long time lurker in the forum, using this to get insights into my 2010+. I must admit I have not needed to post before but I need a bit of feedback on an issue with the evap specifically. I have found answers to all my other questions without posting thankfully, and you...
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    Looks like this is the site to join from searching google. I just picked up a high mileage (206,000) 2011 Soul + for my daughter to primary drive locally. Needs a little TLC on the suspension but the body and paint are great. Thanks for being such a valuable resource. John