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    Hi All, I recently bought a 2013 Vanilla Shake Soul and then personalized it a bit. We first drove a rental Soul back in 2010 and liked it so much we knew there was one in our future. This Soul is MY 42nd car!! And I'm female
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    already angry... $187.46 for an emergency 230am flat fix at IAH, NO SPARE which I was not told of course, and the flat fix kit failed and ruined tire because wife thought it worked and she drove on it. Now we need THREE tires and another real wheel. WOW... Will be on the tech help forums for...
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    Hey y'all!!! been lurking around for a few years now... looking at the new 2017. Beezwax
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    Greetings y'all. Just bought a gently used 2014 + with only 20,000 miles on it. Really loving this thing! It's plain white, but have already ordered some Rally Strips to change it up a little. Will consider going LED (at least the headlights). Other than that, it's going to be the daily driver.
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    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 2016 Soul, living in Houston Texas. Love my new ride & looking forward to many happy years of ownership.
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    When I purchase a new vehicle I usually try and find the online forums that will help me with any questions or concerns I have with my vehicle... I wasn't planning on buying, but I ran into the evil twin of the Soul that inspired me to even look at these vehicles... 2011 Kia Soul Sport...low...
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    Had it for about a month, been having a lot of fun. so far all i've done is change out the badge. Next on my list will be Looking for chrome side vent with light adding fog lights I don't see much selection for accessories or upgrades for the 2014. Will look through this forum and see whats...
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    Just got my 2013 Soul ! last night.
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    I am looking for a 2013 Soul in Houston for my 24 year old daughter. We are getting rid of her 2004 Mustang because she needs a reliable car. I'm thinking the Plus would be best. now I'm trying to decide about UVO. What do you think good options are? And what about the Eco package? I'm...
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    Hey everyone! I've been lurking this forum for a couple months leading up to my purchase of a new 2013 Kia Soul on New Years Day. Got a clear white base model with black interior, 6 speed auto (sorry, MT guys!), Bluetooth, cruise control, and cargo nets behind the front seats for $14,900 before...
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    Hi. I'm Bill and the Soul is one model I will be considering when I buy my next car. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. If I get a Soul, I'll upgrade to premium or lifetime membership to help this site financially.
  12. South
    Whats up guys! I want to get a meet going here in or around Houston. I've seen plenty of souls on the streets lately and I want to get a group together. If anyone's willing to meet up occasionally, like once a month or so, let me know!
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    Picked up my 2012 Soul + in Titanium tonight. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to play with the radio and satellite to get things set up. Any advice?
  14. South
    Hello. I live in Tomball Tx. I want to start a car club that is involved in the community. I dont know much about car clubs but I think we can figure it out. I want to be able to get us know in the towns around here give back to them. I think getting known and getting donations for toys for...
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    got the wifey a 2011 Soul back in April and wanted to join on here to get some ideas.
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    Loving my 4 month old Kia!:)
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    What's up.
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    Hello all, I purchased a 2011 Soul + AT last Thursday and have been loving the ride. Its a perfect car for my commute as well as an alternative to the minivan. Glad to be part of the madness although I don't think I will be making too many modifications (unless there is one must have mod that...
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    My name is Tom and I am looking at purchasing the Soul. A little about myself, firstly, I am a Jeep man through and through (1 '03' Wrangler, 1 '01' Cherokee) and up until recently looking at another Wrangler (selling the Cherokee). However with gas prices on the increase (possibly $4+ gallon...
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    just got my soul on monday this week. just posted some pics. glad to be apart of this great forum. cant wait for the aftermarket parts to start flowing in and checking ou all of the different mods.