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    Hi , I have my Soul now for 4 months, very satisfied..... now let the pimping begin....!!! Kia Soul 1.6 xtra (dutch version):)
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    The wait was long my forums friends. But what a pleasure. Picked the car Saturday morning. Directly on the work look at the result. The pushbar is specially made for our Soul on my request. These sidebar's for the first time on a Kia Soul. We have approximately 400 kilometer drove the car. The...
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    Hello everyone, Since the prototype we were in love with the Kia Soul, and couldn't wait until the Soul was at the dealer. 22 january 2009 the Soul finaly arrived at our local Kia dealer. And there he stood.......and we were sold:) Since April 3 we own a Kia Soul 1.6 CVVT X-ecutive in the...
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    Hey Kia fan's, Nice to see so many exciting and enthousiastic posts about the Kia Soul. My wife and i have been looking for a smaller car for some time now. Our current car is a Kia Sorento, not a bad car either btw. Unfortunately the Dutch government is making driving SUV's near impossible...