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    Greetings from Indianapolis, IN. My wife and I have just purchased a White 2016 Soul. It has the "primo" package. Many features to explore. I am pleased to find such a forum to learn from. Thank you
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    Hi, first post but been a member for a while. Have a 2013 Silver Soul !, it's my daily commuter and all around utility vehicle. Bought used with about 16k miles now has about 45k, has been a good car so far. Like the head room and fact I can through my Bike in the back, wish it had a cargo...
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    Hi I don't have a soul yet. In the market for a +. I think I found one that I will look at today. I joined this forum for info to help with my search for a used soul. Hope to make some friends here.
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    ]I'm planning on buying a used 2018 Soul. Being I live in the RUST BELT I'm wondering if there are any rust problems with the Soul overall? I appreciate any response. Thanks.
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    happy to be here
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    ...since Toyota seem to be in no rush to produce pure EVs and I've determined to cut the cord to fossil fuels for good in 2019. Have put a deposit on a 2020 Soul EV and will hopefully be driving one in the next few weeks.
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    Hey everyone. Picked up my 2018 Soul ! A couple months ago. Love the car. I told myself I was going to leave it all stock. I’ve had a pretty good variety of cars I’ve always tinkered with. Less than a month in and I’m already looking at ways to tweak my Soul. I’ve been reading a bit on the...
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    Greeting from Northwest Indiana. I recently purchase a 2019 Soul ! (Titanium). I'm really enjoying it - it's a blast to drive. I can't wait for Spring so I can enjoy the sunroof. I was a Jeep Wrangler guy more than a few years ago and those folks wave at each other when they see another Jeep...
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    Hi, I just joined. I have a Gen 1 and love it.
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    I’ve been coming here since May of this year. Really enjoy this forum. Got my wife’s Soul Base from a friend last year after he had it for just shy of a year with only 16,000 miles on it. We love it and it was a deal we could not refuse. And cannot beat the gas mileage. She had a Chevy...
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    Hello all, My longtime 2008 Saturn Vue has finally accumulated too many issues for me to continue investing in it. I'll be getting a used Gen 2 Soul in Houston in the coming week. I'm a pretty decent mechanic with a lot of performance car experience. My current project car is a 550hp 1993 AWD...
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    Hello, I just purchased a black 2015 base model (6 speed). I've had it for a week and having fun. This is my first 6 speed manual so I'm still "discovering" the right slot when downshifting. I seem to have a knack from going from 6th to 3rd when I wanted 5th.
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    Hello everyone Rick here looking for some help. I have a problem with my 2012 Soul + with the 2.0 and 52,300 miles on it, it's my wife's car which she only uses to go to work part-time, the other day I was driving on the highway and went to pass someone, I started to give it more ponies to...
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    Hi guys, Has anyone attempted a push button start conversion on a 2014-2016 Soul yet? I think it would be pretty rad to have an RFID MT Soul.
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    Hi Guys, I have been using this forum for quite some time to answer questions and get ideas, and recently I decided to join! I am on my 2nd Soul; the 1st one was a 2015 (auto base+) that I lost in a flood, and the 2nd one is a 2016 MT 1.6L (base). My first impression of the MT Soul ... It is...
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    Thank y’all for letting me in this group! I got bought a 2016 soul 1.6 27000 Miles on it for $8500. I’m looking forward to adding some mods on it. Just build the base for this rack.
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    Have had my soul since 2011, now has 36,000 miles on it and a noise has started in the left rear area. It's a thumping sound on rough pavement. Anyone know what's going on ? Thanks in advance for any help
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    Hello Everyone! I'm happy to say that I'm a proud owner of 2018 Kia Soul Base with MT! I want to get back to driving a manual transmission as I do miss it. Thanks for having me here.
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    Joining to get some answers about my 2011 Soul.
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    Greetings! J Kinard here from Memphis, TN. I have a 2013 Kia Soul Titanium silver. I actually bought it for my wife. I'm just trying to maintain it.