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    Hello to all, I have a 2014 Soul and having an issue with lights . I had to replace the front passenger side light harness. Now I have to replace the socket for the tail/brake light. Do I have other problems coming up? Has anyone had similar experiences. Thanks for any help you could provide.
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    Howdy! My name is Zach and I am the owner of a 2014 Kia Soul Plus with the metallic grey color and the full entertainment package including the disco lights around the speakers. I recently moved from Phoenix to Portland, OR (what's with these tall, green, leafy things blocking my view?). As...
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    Greetings & Salutations from New Jersey - Land of traffic, McMansions and hight taxes Hello all - Later on today I shall be the proud owner of a 2020 Soul - S line edition- in Sparkling Silver. I rented a 2019 soul last year for about 2 weeks (after some dopey newly licensed driver) clipped...
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    Hello everyone, picked up a 2018 + a couple weeks ago. Have to say after doing an over 450 miles road trip last Sunday can now kind of understand why there are so many on the roads. Well will be here to check out the modifications some folks are doing and pick a brain here or there thanks
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    I've had a base 2012 manual for the last three years. Just recieved a recall notice for problems with the catalytic converter which finally solves the knock sensor warnings and the knocking. I'm trying to set up an appointment with a dealer and would love to hear from anyone who has taken...
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    Hi there! I purchased a very nice silver 2014 model with dealer maintenance records, although the last owner stretched the oil changes out a bit. Not sure if he used a full synthetic or not. The car spent its nights in Kansas City (with this mileage, its days were on the road!), and I am...
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    Hello, glad to be here. I’ve had a Soul since 2013 and love it. I’ve recently had a problem with water leaking inside the driver’s side, I think it may be the windshield seal. Idk. I’ve taped it, sealed it with silicone, covered it with still is leaking inside, drenching the floor...
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    Just got this 2019 kia soul last week and so far love it far more than the ford focus we had.
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    Greetings from central Ohio. I just bought a 2015 Soul, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I added cruise control, and now I'm looking to add keyless entry. I look forward to interesting and useful information! - Steve
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    Glad I found this site! Looks to be a great place to find everything you need to know about your soul.
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    I'd glad this forum is available. I'm a semi-retired Coke Man, horticulturist, father, husband and semi-experienced mechanic. Mechanical enough to be dangerous and mess stuff up. I am sure many of you understand that. For you guys (experienced gear heads) thanks for answering any stupid...
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    Drink up the first round is on me. Howdy from a new 2tone soul owner from the Sonoran desert of Arizona. Actually I should say purchaser as my wife is the owner. Went looking for a vehicle to replace our 2010 Ford Escape and I don’t know why I pulled into the KIA dealership but my wife saw...
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    Hello everyone! I am Tyler, a new Kia Soul Owner! I made a switch from Ford to Kia now and hope to gain some good insight on the Soul! I was born and raised in Kansas City, and haven't bothered to leave. I'm a Full Time Medical Courier for area hospitals in Kansas City. Other than that, I'm...
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    Hi..just drove home our newest acquisition, a silver 2012 Soul + with very low miles. Our first KIA automobile. Now to try and digest the owners manual. ? Cheers.
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    Hello all. Proud owner of a brand new black 2018 Kia Soul. Base 1.6 engine with gray on black interior. I am very much looking foreward to interacting with all of you here on this board, and sharing thoughts and ideas on this wonderful vehicle. see you all in the forums!
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    Red 2016 Kia Soul + 20k miles and very happy with this vehicle. Roomy, versatile, economical, fun to drive.
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    Hello All! I've been lurking and reading posts for several months now so I decided to go ahead and become an official member. In May I bought my Cloud colored 2015 Kia Soul ! with the Whole Shabang package. I'm really loving it. :love_heart::love_heart:
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    Just picked up a 2018 Soul EV EV+ in Shadow Black/Inferno red. Done the following to it so far... Tinted the front windows to match the rest of the car Swapped the hi, low and fog lights with CrystalVision Ultra bulbs Swapped out the paper plate wheels for some Konig Illusion in black with red...
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    Here members I Owner of Itronix Electronics based in Bahrain, I'm looking to share other members experience in installing aftermarket units and sound systems.
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    Picking up a 2016 Kia Soul+ in Titanium this Friday. Hoping to get some advice and tips on accessories, Head Unit installation, etc. Happy to be here!