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  1. Mid-West
    So lets open this up.. where do we want to meet this time?
  2. Mid-West
    I'm leaning towards May 22nd.. Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Mid-West
    Okay folks. The 31st looks do able for most of us. What time do we want to look at? 11am? Noon? I was thinking 11-2 or noon-3 ish.. We can pick a meeting location pretty much anywhere, although if we have folks coming up from Cincy, maybe the SE side would be better.. there's a Sonic...
  4. Mid-West
    This will serve as two questions... 1) do we want to form some kind of official Ohio Soul enthusiasts group? 2) My dealer would like to have a Soul gathering here in Columbus in the Fall.. Why dont we start by ruling dates OUT then try to find a good day.. The Saturdays of the OSU/USC game...
1-4 of 4 Results