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  1. Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Anybody have a soul with the lower side body molding? Have you put on mud flaps? We got new tires at 55,000 miles And the new tires must have wider tread shoulders. After drive-thru carwash the tires throw A lot more dirt spots up onto the sides of the car. I've heard the OEM mudflaps don't...
  2. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Who's got them, where'd you get them, how much did they cost, would you do it again? Thanks. OE visors cost 140 bucks. That's crazy.
  3. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    any recommendations for a 2017 basic?
  4. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    I'm looking to a tutorial on installing mudflaps on the soul. and or Red mudflaps that are specifically designed for the soul. I've found some Universal ones from Rally Armor but It would be nice to find perfect fitting versions. Thanks in advance.
  5. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Hi! I am the proud new owner of a 2014 Soul ! whole shabang... No mud flaps were included, wondering if I should pay the extra money to get them? Are they really functional? or just for looks? I am leasing the car, if that makes a difference in response. Thanks! Jenny Wisconsin
  6. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Ok, so I am searching for a good pair of mud flaps for my 2011 Kia Soul Exclaim. I have the OEM trim body kit on it as well so I'm wondering if I should be looking for special mud flaps that will fit with the kit or if any regular mud flaps made for the car will fit without any issues. Also...
  7. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    This has probably been explained but what are those little mini flaps in front of the back tire on the 2014 Soul for?
  8. Canada
    I bought my car used 6 weeks ago (2011 Kia Soul 2U in Molten Red with 33,000km on it) from the dealership. Took it to the car wash a few weeks back and noticed some awful stone chips forming infront of both of the back tires (near the bottom of the back doors). The dealership says this is...
  9. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Hello found these today surfing around .thanks for any info don Korean Auto Imports
  10. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Has anyone got these added to their vehicle? After a storm the side of my vehicle behind the front tire wells were a mess with mud. Does it lessen the mpgs? Thanks.
  11. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Got a quick question guys. My Alien came with both but the window sticker had no mention of either. Are those items a standard or something the dealer added and didn't charge for? EZ
  12. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    I've seen a post on how to install mud flaps for the 2010 Soul. I have a 2012 Soul. Is the installation the same? Easier/harder? I want to do it myself to save some money. Thanks
  13. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Haven't posted before and not a Soul owner as yet as I plan on purchasing a 2012 model. On vehicles that I've owned I normally install (front and rear) just regular flat black mud flaps that I see in sizes A, B, or C. But no matter what the size I utilize the screws that normally are already...
  14. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Anyone use wider mud flaps in addition to or instead of Kia's? The Kia mud flaps allow tires to kick stones and mud on the side of the car. All the way back to the flare in front of the rear tires. PM me with any photos and post them here. Would like to know the source if available.
  15. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    I just got my new mud guards in the mail. They are supposedly KIA OEM mud guards, but I have a question. I live in Northern Iowa where they put salt on the roads for snow in the winter. I see that these body fitting mud guards are not solid, but hallow plastic. Won't salt and grime sit...
  16. Evo Fusion USA
    Has anyone bought the EVO Mudflaps? Are they the exact same size and color of the KIA Mudflaps?:confused:
  17. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    I have a 2010 Soul+.:D The accessory catalog only lists front & rear mud flaps for a Base or Sport.:confused: I have neither.:mad: So which one will fit the Soul+ or is it NOT an option either way? :cool:
  18. How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    I'm thinking of putting mudflaps on my white Soul. Have any of you done that, and is it a relatively easy do it yourself job?