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    Finally I succeed to take some photos. This is how the Soul looks today. Hopefully it will look a little different in the future. The worse thing is finding out where to begin the project...:apthy:
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    Hey all! I'm a new member and owner of my third Soul. Just bought a 2014 Kia Soul, this time with an automatic transmission. The two first ones were manuals. Will upgrade a few things here and there, but otherwise it's perfect for me. It runs on 19" wheels and some minor changes are already...
  3. New Member Introductions
    New Kia Soul owner here from Finland. So new, that I am in fact still waiting for the car :D I will get it next Wednesday. It is going to be metallic Java Brown EX, no options except metallic color. (Heated mirrors and seats, + Bluetooth etc. are standard in EX in Nordic-area) I *think* I...
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    Hi, and greetings from Finland. Proud owner of a '06 Cerato (Spectra5). Very glad to find this place!
  5. New Member Introductions
    Yes, the land of Santa Claus, between Sweden and Russia :p Ordered a Java Brown Soul yesterday (my first new car 8-) Traded in my Ford Focus ST170. I´ve actually never driven nor seen a Soul yet so i hope the car lives up to my expectations :eek: Now to the bad news: my dealer said that i have...