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  1. Kia Soul 2016 2.0l - Engine block heater location??

    Soul Accessories (Gen 2)
    Hi everyone, first time posting here, but I've lurked for awhile and exhausted the search feature without success. Does anyone know where the Kia Soul 2016 2.0l engine block heater cavity is? Engine block heaters for this car are the cartridge style where they are inserted into the pre-built...
  2. Engine blow-by & oil catch cans (videos)

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I thought I'd share this video that easily explains engine blow-by, especially with GDI engines, and why oil catch cans can play a preventative role in avoiding costly problems down the road: Also, here's a video showing what engine blow-by looks like in an extreme circumstance (piston...
  3. Engine stalls when turning?

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hi! I have a 2010 denim special edition (2.0L) It has 167k miles. One day about two weeks ago I went to run some errands on my lunch break and was turning into a parking spot when the engine just very quietly died. In fact I didn’t even realize what really happened at first - just noticed I had...
  4. Ignition Coil Removal | 2.0 Engine

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Was changing the oil today and while perusing the engine bay, I took a look at what changing the spark plugs would entail when that time comes. Removing the ignition coils to get to the spark plugs looked pretty straightforward, except the rightmost one. Those of you that have done this, were...
  5. Hello & engine light was on and the transmission cable broke and the car was frozen

    New Member Introductions
    Hello & engine light was on and the transmission cable broke and the car was frozen Good evening, I have a 2010 Kia Soul Exclaim. Itś been a pretty good car until it wasn´t. The engine light came on three days ago, though the car ran fine. A suspected culprit was a gas cap that doesn´t...
  6. Engine compatibility

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Anyone know what years, if any are swappable in a 2014 + 2.0? With mine being dead, and Kia not helping I need to see if I can find a replacement. I have a cheap 1st gen with low miles available, but I didn’t know what changed engine wise. Any info is appreciated.
  7. P0326 fixed Engine Knock

    New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to report that I had an engine knock and sometimes I would get p0326. Premium Octane 92 would reduce the symptoms but it was still present. Payed $100 for computer Reflash and it fixed the issue
  8. Check engine light on along with gas light on

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    My check engine light and gas light came on today after two weeks of replacing my gas cap as the dealer said that was the problem. So I messed with my gas cap today to try and get the engine light to turn off and it won’t go off. My gas light is now on also and the needle is on E. Today is...
  9. engine doesn't respond to gas feed - intermittent problem

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    2017 soul 1.6 engine, 17K miles, auto trans. Driving for about 15 minutes - pulled up to stop sign and when trying to pull out, there was no response! engine continued to idle and would not respond to the gas pedal even when I floored it several times. Turned on my flashers and there I sat. I...
  10. Got a couple of recall notices in the mail today - new engine?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Got a couple of recall notices for both of my Souls today (2012 & 2013). Says that they need to program something into the computer and check for damage, and maybe replace the catalytic converter and possibly the engine. Anyone done these recalls yet? Anyone get a new engine? I'm a little...
  11. 245/50r 16 tires on a2014 Soul w/ 1.6 engine

    Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Hi All Looking fot help getting new tires for daughters car. I want to get a wider tire, will go with a high performance all season like a bfg g-Force COMP-2 A/S of course new rims 16x7.5 with +45 offset As the are very similar in diameter and only ~5/8" closer to suspension so they should fit...
  12. Will overfilling the oil hurt my 2.0L engine?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody, I just bought a used 2010 Soul. It's in pretty good shape cosmetically, and everything mechanical checked out fine, too, except I noticed the oil on the dipstick is about 1/2" above the "Full" line. The oil looks pretty clean, and it isn't due for another oil service for about...
  13. Engine restart without stereo reset?

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Hello everyone, I've got a 2016, base model, manual Soul. I do my best to not let the engine idle for extended periods but I also frequently listen to music through the Bluetooth interface. Obviously, resetting the input after restarting the engine is an annoyance and I've been trying to...
  14. Hyundai/KIA 1.6L Gamma Engine Review

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Hyundai KIA 1.6L Engine (Gamma MPI/GDI/T-GDI) specs, problems, reliability, oil, Accent, Ceed, Rio website doesn't come across as authoritative, based on design and some suspect grammar and diction. the data sheet implies the engines are actually manufactured in China, although the cars are...
  15. updates to DCT and 1.6 T-GDI Engine?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 3)
    have seen a few reviews of the 2020, and all of them declare in one way or another that the Turbo/DCT combo is a "carryover" from the previous generation. would Kia tweak or update some parts of the powertrain (maybe a software update for the DCT) between generations? is the 2020 GT-Line Turbo...
  16. ISG vs w/o ISG Engine?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I'm looking at buying a replacement engine at a local junkyard. It's for a 2014 Kia Soul 2.0L. But the thing is mine has ISG (Intelligent Stop and Go) and the replacement is for a model without it. Can anyone share the difference between the motors? I'm thinking the ISG motor just has a...
  17. 1.6L engine vibration?

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    My Soul has a pretty bad problem about the motor shaking violently at idle. You can look at it and see it moving at least 3 inches back and forth it honestly looks like it's about to fly apart. Anyone else have or have seen this before? Thanks for reading!
  18. Engine won’t start/run

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I will try to keep this brief and to the point but it’s a long drawn out issue. I purchased my 2011 Soul plus new with only 20 miles. It now has 134,000. After only about a year of ownership it developed a hesitation and stalling problem, the local dealer could not figure what the problem was so...
  19. 2015 Soul Engine Failure

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hello everyone, I have a 2015 Kia Soul with 90,000 miles. I am the original owner. I have taken the car to Kia for all maintenance and oil changes. My car always idled rough when it was cold for the first few minutes. About 3 months ago my ECV went of course Kia repaired the car at no cost. 2...
  20. Engine Revving On Its Own!? (in drive, foot on brake, at intersections etc.)

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    2016 Kia Soul+ First happened two weeks ago while stopped in a parking lot. Foot on brake, car in drive, engine revved so hard that the car lurched forward only being stopped by my foot being jammed hard on the brake. Happened again later in the week while stopped at an intersection. Not as...