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  1. 2014 Starts Randomly

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hello all! just got a 2014 Soul from my grandfather but as of late it will not start consistently. We don't even hear it try to crank over but all of my lights, accessories, and windows work. We are not 100% sure if it is the starter, so I figured I would ask this lovely group of people...
  2. Day in emergency room

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I spent 8 hours today in the A&E, came home with stitches in my eyebrow and a cast on my right hand. I took a spill on my bike this morning due to dog running in front of me, in trying to avoid the dog my front wheel hit a crack in the pavement and I went flying. Needless to say I am bloody...
  3. Anyway to add autonomous emergency braking to a 2017+?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    My 2017 Soul+ with Audio & Primo package has Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS). I noticed the 2018 Soul+ models with Audio and Primo Lit Package also have Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Anyone know whats involved, and if at all even possible to add AEB to my 2017? (Same question for...
  4. Rewarding our protectors - 10% Emergency Services Discount at CARiD!
    CARiD is thankful for all members of the Police Force, Ambulance Service and Fire Service for the dedication that keeps our communities safe every day, and cared for after accidents and disasters. We know that Police, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians rely on their personal vehicles...
  5. Emergency brake - 2012

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I frequently find myself driving my 2012 Soul with the emergency brake on. Am I supposed to be hearing a warning beep when this happens? The panel light always comes on, but it's not very visible.
  6. Road emergency kit foam container does not fit into tray

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Road emergency kit foam container does not fit into cargo tray I purchased a spare tire kit for my 2014 Soul. Put it in and now I have the road emergency kit needs to be put somewhere, I would think just put the whole foam container in the rear cargo tray (also made of foam) to keep everything...
  7. Emergency Lighting Options

    How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    I know there was a thread that was already started for this, but it seems that the OP does not want to continue it. we go. I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter here in Texas, as well as a Volunteer Medic. Not to mention an Avid Storm Chaser/Spotter. So, I have been looking into...
  8. Squealing Under Hard Braking

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    So I was going faster than I should have on my city street (had an emergency to attended too) and the light turned yellow and I stepped on the brakes. The tires squealed and the car drifted a little. Frightened me a little bit and the funny part was is ABS didn't active. So is this an issue...
  9. Emergency tool bag contents?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    hey gang. In my truck I always like to keep a small bag of tools that I can use in a road-side emergency. I never had a TON of stuff in there, but it saved my bacon from time to time. Any suggestions on what I should keep in my Soul tool bag? what are the most common socket sizes I might...
  10. Emergency Brake doesn't seem "tight"

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hey all, I've got a 2012 soul+, and recently noticed that my e-brake, unless fully engaged, doesn't seem to hold, at all. And even at fully engaged, it's very "light" on the holding. Is this typical for the soul?
  11. Emergency Brake Lock? 2010 Soul ! (parking brake)

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Vehicle: 2010 Kia Soul ! (U.S. Model) 5-Spd Manual, Disc/Disc brakes This might fall under the category of "User Error" but I need to look somewhere. Twice in the last 6 months my wife has had to call roadside assistance because in her words "the car won't move". Both times I have had her on...
  12. EMERGENCY THREAD!!! for all of you who have experienced some sort of windshield dam.

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hello everyone, and thank you for your attention. I have been looking into having my windshield replaced. I have had my soul for 6 months, and have recieved one crack (small chip started it) and one chip. tried to "repair" them, but it obviously didn't work. Its 445 dollars for a new...