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    It was 4 degrees F when I fired up the trusty Soul today. The MPG meter was showing 27.0 and it typically goes up or down fairly slowly, even with just 30-40 miles on the tank. For instance, at about fitty degrees I'll have to sit for a minute or two before the MPG readout drops by .1. Today it...
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  3. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Well i live north of Toronto and my job requires me to drive a large area. When I got my soul in OCT there were no souls around at all. I had people turning heads and asking questions on the daily. Now im starting to notice them popping up faster and faster. I know some people who talked to...
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    This from the glass on the outside!! i have a heck of a lot more but i'm to lazy to re-post all of them just link up and check them out!