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  1. How limited are the special editions?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I was under the impression, possibly because I live down the block from someone who owns the same exact car, that the special editions weren't limited in number. I am, sadly, having to give up my 2010 Special edition with the Ignition trim package. We're growing our family and only one rear...
  2. New topic for Special Editions

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I have an Idea Special editions with there own Topic on the Homepage with subtopics the similar to the ones in the social group, to allow us to talk and have a formal place to discuss SE only problems, features and specs and production numbers as well as future Soul special editions. It Would...
  3. Four Special Editions from KIA

    Kia Soul News
    I thought there was only going to be three the Ghost is next don,t know about the 4th one. PRESS RELEASE ALL-NEW SPECIAL EDITION 2010 KIA IGNITION SOUL Sizzling Limited-Run Special Edition Soul Hits Dealer Showrooms - Ignition Soul offers scorching new color, prominent wheels and...