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  1. Used 2013, Dune color, PLus

    New Member Introductions
    not my first Hyundai-Kia product, recently purchased a lower mileage 2013 from Scottsdale AZ. so far I have remove the front badge, dropped in a center dash OEM speaker(not wired in yet). I also tried several spare wheels I had at home left over from My H-Tucson. I'll add a K&N filter shortly...
  2. Intro: New Kia Soul owner : Used 2010 Kia Soul+ Dune

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    :Yay: I'm the new owner of a 2010 Kia Soul+ with 70K miles. I just purchased it from the original owner and it's in lovely condition. Had a service at the dealer yesterday and she has a clean bill of health. The only surprise was the dome light needed a new bulb to the tune of $200. #crazy...
  3. Am I color blind? What color is the "Dune" color on the 2012's?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    OK, I was out somewhere in my wife's car this weekend. Someone needed to get out and came in to the gathering and asked if whoever had the beige Kia could pull up so they could get out. I didn't move for a minute or so until I figured out they were talking about me. I've always considered the...
  4. I left my Soul in Moab, UT!

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    I recently road tripped out to Moab, UT and rented a Soul for the ride. Both Moab and the Soul seduced me - I'm in love! I am looking for a Soul + or ! in Ignition, Denim, or perhaps Dune. I'm in Texas, and willing to consider within 1000K miles - I'm seriously searching for my Soul! If...
  5. Dune Soul in the Desert (and the spare key conspiracy)

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    Hi, I just bought a base model Dune Soul for the wife. She wanted the car in Dune so it blends in with the "Coyote Tan" color that everything else is out here in Tucson. One question, though, maybe it is rhetorical. The dealer told me that that "all" Kias have the chip in the key so I would...
  6. My Traveling Soul

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Well, after most of my life spent generally in one place, this year has been quite different. My kids are grown and for awhile that bothered me. Empty nesting, I guess. Went to Florida twice on a motorcycle. Saw the mountains of Pennsylvania for a weekend jaunt also. All was fun. So...
  7. Dune kia soul on i-75 ----

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    on our way back from buying a saleen today, a pretty little dune soul, passed us, tags from ontario, canada, are you guys on this sight.
  8. My 3 week old Vanilla Toaster...

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    I just wanted to show you guys my 3 week old Kia Soul (Dune) MT/Base Model.
  9. 2012 Soul in Dune

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    We turned a weekend getaway into a visit to the dealership in Tennessee. Had for 4 out the door quotes from 4 different dealerships. Grindstaff in Johnson City beat the lowest one by just over $1500.....needless to say we drove home in separate vehicles ;) We love it! Now we just need to find a...
  10. Master Shake 2012 exclaim

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    it is not dune, it will always be a shake to me. My new baby just got shipped in last week and I could not be happier with my new purchase. I'm not a big mod guy so I probably won't be doing anything drastic and honestly, it's perfect the way it is in my book. I didn't do the upgrade package...
  11. Finally!! My 2012 Soul Exclaim!!

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    After searching for months for a Dune Exclaim and then finally ordering one, my baby is here!! I opted for the premium package with the push button start and I am so glad that I did! I love all the great updates it has and the leather interior is beautiful!! Some things I had learned from my...
  12. Soul in Upstate NY....

    New Member Introductions
    Hi fellow Soul! friends... I've come across this site numerous times since I purchased my 2010 Soul! in March. Everyone seems rather informative and pleasant, so why not decide to join?! Imagine my surprise that on my first day (today) as a member I get ripped apart for adding a thread in the...
  13. 100 trunk rust spots on dune soul

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I've read a few posts that brought this up, but everyone seemed to have a NEW soul. I've had my soul for well over a year and 36,000 miles. On my back tail gate there are over 100 rust spots. I know some people say they are "rust dust" but i find it hard to believe that "rust dust" found it's...
  14. New Soul! (Dune) Owner

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    Hi everyone, I just purchased a Soul (!) this past Saturday to replace my 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. The Focus was a former 'show car' my company had placed lots of accessories on. It was also yellow. I should mention...not a big fan of yellow. I was lucky enough to see the model in Dune and knew...
  15. FS: 2010 Dune Soul!

    For sale / Trade / Wanted
    The time has come to sell our Soul and return to a crew cab pickup! You all know the details of these great cars and ours is no exception. The wife loves it and so do I, but I need a truck and she is willing to drive the car that is older and paid off. Currently has 19,500miles and is in...
  16. Considering Soul...opinions..and oh, black or dune

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi All, We are considering getting a Kia Soul. Here is the experience I had yesterday at two dealerships: Friday there was an ad in our paper for a 2010 Kia Soul+. It was a lease for 36 months at $139/month and $800 due at signing (MSRP $17,790). I called the dealership and they said they...
  17. Gator's Soul (!) Dune

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    Here are a few pics of my new Soul with the side marker lamps and rear bumper applique. (This is my 1st time posting pics, so HOPEFULLY this works). BTW: I love my Soul! :D
  18. My Dune Exclaim

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    Finished adding what I wanted from Kia accessories. It's easy to get carried away. This is pretty much how the Soul was advertized for the S Korean market when introduced.
  19. Dune Buggy

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    Just got her today. Dune Exclaim.
  20. Funny Dune Story - Madison, WI

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    So I'm in a hotel shuttle with my co-workers and we're talking about cars. I'm telling them about the Soul and none of them have ever heard of it. Just as I'm saying, "Well they're not real common to see yet because it's a new model", a dune drives right in front of us! I say, "See that car...