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  1. Soul General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Today I had my first drive in my new GT-LIne Woo- Hoo felt good. Some Impressions. I love the car, so quiet and refined even on the 18" rims compared to the 2016 it is streets ahead, you have pay attention to the speed as it is easy to be well over the limit in the city because of the quiet...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 3)
    My wife and I are thinking of trading in our trusty '13 Soul (Base, Automatic) that has 93K miles on it. Except for some small rock chips up front and small bump from a hit&run moron in the grocery store parking lot, it still runs and looks like new. That is why we are hesitant to trade...
    Replace is among the most trusted names in replacement and remanufactured parts industry. Their product line includes everything you might ever need to replace and today we'd like to take a closer look at their headlights and tail lights. It's no secret that driving around with cracked, broken...
  4. Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    I drive a 2019 Soul Exclaim. Using the navigation on the steering wheel, I went to the "settings", then "Drive Info" and turned OFF the automatic resets for the trip meter and average m.p.g. However, the meter and average m.p.g. have re-set at least twice in the last couple days after ignition...
  5. Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    2016 Kia Soul+ First happened two weeks ago while stopped in a parking lot. Foot on brake, car in drive, engine revved so hard that the car lurched forward only being stopped by my foot being jammed hard on the brake. Happened again later in the week while stopped at an intersection. Not as...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Back in April, went to pick up my rental car at the airport. Sat in my assigned Mitsubishi Lancer, drove it all of 20ft and instantly hated it (more than once a Mitsubishi has left me feeling this way). Went over to the section in the rental lot where you can pick another car and one of the...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Mid-level manager at non-profit organization in D.C. Soul owner for 2 Years. No real issues so far. Im glad to have found this site when looking for feedback on driving on snow....
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  9. Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Local dealer finally got a 2017 turbo or two in. I have an appointment tomorrow to go test drive it. See what is what. Will report back when I know something.
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    We put a diehard Honda Civic driver behind the wheel of a new 2017 Kia Forte and let him loose in California's Malibu Canyons. What he had to say about his driving experience might just surprise you.
  13. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Greetings all Since I don't own a VW any more, I don't pop the hood too often. I did open it up to see what was doing and noticed my drive belt is semi-brown. Is this normal? 2012. 55K miles. No cracks but its not black like drive belts typically are. Thanks
  14. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I've got a 2013 Soul and absolutely love it! I was wondering, though, has anyone been to the drive in with theirs? Can you see the movie? Thx
  15. ICE & Communication (Gen 2)
    OK, so I thought I'd load all my music onto a thumb drive and leave it in the car (2015 ! Whole Shabang). I put 1 album onto a 64gb drive I have formatted to exFAT and the car couldn't recognize it. I've looked through my manuals and can't any specifications for this and am hoping some here...
  16. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi everyone, I've been dreaming of a Soul for a few years and financially, this is a good time. I did a lot of research on pricing in my area, and looked at several different Souls available. I think this is a great deal, but wanted to get some opinions from the more experienced Soul owners...
  17. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    At 3yrs and 108,306 miles, my drive belt looks like it did when new... not a single crack. KIA/Hyundai must use some real high quality belts. has Gates drive belts for for the 2.0L Nu for $5.33, a very good price, especially for a Gates brand. I have always replaced mine when...
  18. ICE & Communication (Gen 2)
    Hi all, I just bought a new 2016 Kia Soul + and I'm looking to buy new USB drives to play music in the car. I'm thinking of getting this one: I ran a search and saw that people have used 32gb drives, but has...
  19. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    My daughter has a 2011, and yesterday it kicked out of drive.With the shifter in drive the neutral light is also on.So now when drive is engaged it will go approximately. 50 ft and kick back out.Does anyone know what's going on,I suspect a sensor on the transmission. Thxs for any info.
  20. New Member Introductions
    Just want to come in and say hey finally. Been lurking for almost a year now at this forum and thought, "maybe these guys know were to get a few things I may not have been able to find" Lol well anyways. My fiancee and I bought our car Last July and NOW I finally got her to say yes to modify...