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  1. New member from San Diego

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked up my 2019 Soul ! Turbo. Such a fun car to drive.
  2. San Diego Soul

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    Hi, I just bought a 2010-! and think it's a great car. I just put some roof rails on from SSD Performance that look awesome! This car looks too good to not have a couple upgrades, I've been looking at some intakes or maybe a header but so far can't really decide, so figured I would see what...
  3. 2012 soul ! Wheels and tires for sale- San Diego california

    For sale / Trade / Wanted
    Just got a new set of shoes for my soul and I'm selling the 18"s that came on the car. Includes 4 OEM rims 4 tires- 1 has a nail in the side wall and needs to be replaced No TPMS included Tires treads are at 8/32 A replacement tire costs about $100 Asking $800 obo More photos to come
  4. F/s 2012 Soul! Stock 18" Rims and wheels San Diego CA

    For sale / Trade / Wanted
    Want to sell my stock rims and wheels. Tires are like new! Rims are in great condition. Interested in getting some aftermarket rims. Asking $900. Not interested in shipping but will meet within 150 miles of 92040 Will post a photo with my screen name a little later today.
  5. San Diego Soul

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    2 weeks ago i upgraded from a rice rocket Acura Integra 1996 and purchased my first Soul. 2013 White Kia Soul 6MT Base. Man do i feel like a new person, so much room than what i was working with in the Integra. I couldn't wait to change the grandpa hubcaps, as my girlfriend called them. So i...
  6. Shadow Dragon Soul in San Diego!!

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    Greetings! My wife and I purchased a Kia Soul Sport roughly a month ago, right after I got back from a LOOOONG 8.5 month deployment. My wife liked Kia Souls for years; I drove a Mazda 3 so I was in love with my car at the time and never really paid attention to them, except one time back in...
  7. Hello from San Diego

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    Hey gang. I just bought a 2012 six speed manual base trim Soul on Friday, honestly the last car I thought I'd ever buy, but when I sat in it with the salesman to get out of the rain and discuss car, I really dug it. Took it for a test drive and loved it. I went in there for a Forte SX wagon and...
  8. So Cal (San Diego, LA, Inland Empire) Peeps! Meet & Greet!

    Hola. I'm gauging interest for a Meet and Greet at Mission Bay Park off Interstate 5 - one exit north of Sea World, on Sunday April 8th at 1pm. I will have KSF stickers by then (see my signature for details on the stickers). Please add your name to this thread if interested. I will be there even...
  9. Who's in San Diego?

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    Hey, My name is Todd and my girlfriend and I just bought a brand new 2012 KIA Soul Plus. We've had it for almost a whole week and love it so far. I can't wait to start customizing it and making it stand out. We have 3 kids between the 2 of us and since we had to buy a grocery getter than I'm...
  10. any san diego weekly or montly meets ?

    How's it going guys &gals .. I just bought my soul yesterday and im wondering if there were any meets here in SD .. thanks .. if no meets I may plan a bbq some time to get a soul massive going ..
  11. 1,200 Miles: Denver to San Diego

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    I'm long over-due for a post. So here you go... Getting all glamed up for our 1,200 mile road trip Packed up Little Man passed out Open Road =] We're finally getting settled into this new SoCal life...& I've got to say, I miss Colorado. =]
  12. New Shadow in San Diego

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    I'm a new Soul Shadow Dragon owner in San Diego. Love my Soul!!:)
  13. Hello From San Diego.

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    So I get my Kia Soul on Sat and we have an earth quake on Sun. What a weekend. I wanted to say hi to my fellow Soul owners like I said I just picked up my Soul + on Sat. I got it in shadow black, it came with the audio upgrade package. I already picked up the Ipod/phone cable and love that...
  14. spotted in san diego!

    A Molten Soul with a plate that read "AiboPet" ;) Yes, I knew who you were; I waved at you while walking in the Ralph's parkinglot in Hillcrest the other night. Very nice lookin Soul, I hadn't seen a red one in person yet :D
  15. Hi from San Diego

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    Hi from San Diego *now with pics!* Hello all! Just picked up a Titanium + this past week, never thought I'd enjoy having a Kia (besides the Lotus Elan that they own the rights to)! edit: finally took some pictures of it!
  16. San Diego Soul Owners

    Any Soul owners from San Diego out there?
  17. Hi From San Diego

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    Hi, I'm a new Soul owner, bought her on May 2 and absolutely love this car. Looking forward the participating in this forum and meeting other owners in the San Diego area.
  18. Hello from San Diego -- "America's Finest City!"

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    Greetings, all... My wife and I are the proud owners of a 2010 Soul Exclaim! after driving a pre-owned 2005 Scion xA for two years. We're older drivers (I'm 51, she's 60) and we've driven our share of sedans, station wagons, vans, mini-vans, sub-compacts and compacts over the years...but we've...
  19. Whats up!!! from San Diego, Cali

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    Hey everyone, My name's Jenelle and I just bought my first car... I'm 24 years old, happily married and have been waiting (years) for a car to come out that caught my eye. Well, now I'm happy to say my life is complete! LOL My brother-in-law (car lover) told me about the SOUL he had seen, so...