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  1. A Little Overboard On The Detailing I Think

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    It started with just wanting to pull the wheels off and clean them up really well, then it just morphed. By the way, there were lines going to the wheels in addition to the brake line. They looked like vacuum lines or something. Never seen anything like that before. Can anyone tell me what...
  2. Side Mirror Detailing

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Just added some simple Flexible Molding Strips of red to make my side mirrors pop. I was happy with the outcome overall. Easy to work with, cheap to buy, and adds a little personality to the exterior that would otherwise not be noticed. I want to do a little more exterior work as far as the...
  3. Killer paint detailing combo for dark color Souls!

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    My unsolicited 2 centavos: I have a black 2014 Exclaim. After a month or so of reading up on various detailing forums, I used this process: - 2 bucket wash (one soap, one rinse, Grit Guards in both buckets) with Meguiar's Gold Class wash - Clayed with an ABN clay cloth & Gold Class wash -...
  4. Interior Detailing

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Just bought a 2010 kia soul 4u. What do most of you use to detail the dash and doors. anything other than armoral.
  5. Detailing

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    What do you guys use to detail your car after you wash it? I used to use armor all wipes on the inside of my car but it leaves streaks. I'm looking for alternatives, as well as product suggestions for the whole car.
  6. Detailing interior and engine compartment

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    My 2013 base Soul is now a year old and the engine compartment is a little dusty and I was wanting to clean the plastick parts in the interior of my car. Any suggestions? Can I use water to rinse the engine off without hurting anything? What can I use on the interior to make the dash and the...
  7. Steves detailing Newport Beach

    Owners Photo Gallery
    Had the opportunity to treat my baby. They do such a great job.
  8. Care: Bathing and Detailing your Soul

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Alright.. I had my new Soul a week when I remembered my salesman telling me to keep the bugs off of it, and to wash them off often as to not effect the paint. Seems how I was on that side of town, tired, and had nothing to do it with at home, I did the unthinkable.. the automatic car wash trap...
  9. Soul Detailing - Materials Advice Please

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi, It's been a while since I've kept up a new car with modern paint, was hoping maybe some forum members could offer some input. I realize some of this is opinion, but I'd like to hear them anyway. And since every car & mfr has slightly different paints, I thought it okay to post here since...
  10. The Art of Auto Detailing (Part 2)
    Hey everybody! CARiD is bringing more useful auto detailing tips to your attention! Check out some cool products we offer to restore hazy headlights, clean your some chrome parts and make your car glass hydrophobic: 1) MOTHERS® - Headlight Restoration Kit Features: - Mounts to any drill...
  11. The Art of Auto Detailing (Part 1)
    Hi guys! At CARiD, we aim to provide our customers with the finest Auto Detailing the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Today I'm gonna tell you about auto detailing products by our new manufacturer - Dr. Beasley’s. Dr. Beasley’s is a...
  12. Questions about detailing..........

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I bought my second Soul recently. She is a Black Cherry (Shadow). The exterior is covered with small scratches (a few larger ones) and I can see swirl marks when she is parked in the sun. I have purchased Maguiar's ScratchX, Pre-wax polish and Gold wax. I even read the directions (cuz I'm a...
  13. post car detailing issue

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hi Soulsters! So I took my bebby girl to this guy who details cars "on the side." Warning: "on the side" is just code for jacka$$. I've noticed a white haze on the black parts of my Soul that won't come off with water. He also stained my driver seat with something that looks like oil, as the...
  14. Detailing my Soul today

    Owners Photo Gallery
    Getting close to the International Soul Meet in Niagara Falls U.S. on June 2nd. So took some time to detail the under hood, add my new and improved tempest grille ( I had his prototype first edition one)and remove my in-channels window deflectors (lost one) and replace them with some MOBIS 3m...
  15. Let's talk about wax, cleaning, claying, and detailing.

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    First, I swear I did a search and it returned nothing for the word "wax", so I think I'm ok here. I wanted to talk a little about cleaning, waxing, hints, tips, and tricks. My first thought is I'm a big believer in a clay bar almost immediately. I will be claying my car tomorrow, its only 3...
  16. Car Care and Detailing Section???

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I'm new here and I don't see a section for car care and detailing. I'm anal retentive about keeping my vehicles clean, lol, and was wondering what everyone thought including the Mods about adding something like this?
  17. Professional Car Cleaning (Detailing) of the underside.

    I live in cow pooh country. My tempest is liberally coated with the stuff and it sets like concrete. I want to jet wash or have it professionally jet washed on the underside. I am very worried about having this done because of the fragility of the paintwork, and the fact that all the car...
  18. Keeping It Clean

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    How do you keep your Soul looking good? Do you hand wash and wax? If so, what products do you use and how often? Please give us the name brand. Do you have someone else do the detailing for you? Does anyone get the dealership to do it? Thanks.
  19. VIP detailing

    When I purchased my soul last spring I got a GOOD Auto Group VIP rewards card. Ont eh back it says I'm entitled to 1 Bronze detailing. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know what the "bronze" package is? Is it worth my time?
  20. detailing issue

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    We have a Soul plus, just purchased in December. It is silver, with thin black stripes along the doors. I recently noticed that some of this black line is peeling away. The silver part is perfectly fine, the lines are the only problem. Anyone else experiencing this? I just noticed it, so...